How smart is your customer service strategy? Take our self-assessment to see how you can deliver more intelligent service

November 10, 2021 | 3 minute read
Austin Belisle
Web Marketing Strategist, Oracle Advertising and CX
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Customers today expect simple, seamless solutions when it comes to customer service. And with unprecedented access to the latest technologies and data, businesses can more easily meet their expectations with proactive, contextual, and personalized experiences across all channels in real time.

Score your organization's customer service strategy with a quick self-assessment

Are you simply reacting to customer inquiries or delivering service in an intelligent way that fosters customer loyalty, improves customer retention, and increases repeat purchases?

Take this brief self-assessment to score your organization’s strategy. Simply select your functional area and answer a few questions to visualize and benchmark your company’s approach to intelligent service.

Oracle Intelligent Service self-assessment tool

The first step in making every customer interaction matter is understanding your organization’s current strengths and gaps. This tool can help you quickly identify them for the following categories:

The agent experience: How easily can service agents access their tasks and activities so they can deliver meaningful digital, virtual, and field service experiences to your customers?

Digital service: Do you offer your customers automated self-service options?

Knowledge management: Can your customers readily access the information they need to resolve complex issues?

Guided assistance: Service agents don’t always have the right answers, but technology can help. Does your system give them prescriptive guidance on next-best service steps?

Customer profiles: How well do you understand your customers from your current CRM?

Automation: Can you automate decisions and repetitive, manual tasks to speed up the customer service experience?

Revenue generation: Do you use customer data to identify cross-sell or upsell opportunities?

Here’s an example of the type of feedback a service executive could expect to receive from the tool:

Intelligent Service self-assessment results
Example of feedback for a service executive from Oracle's Intelligent Service self-assessment

The benefits of intelligent customer service

Customer service is all about responding to a need in the moment—from a routine issue for a single customer to a massive disruption impacting the entire company. Implementing an intelligent service strategy with a solution like Oracle Service enables your organization to cover all the bases and quickly respond to shifts in both business and customer demand. You’ll be able to:

Offer innovative, immediate customer service
Provide the type of service customers want—when and where they need it.

Engage customers with the best of both worlds
Combine intelligent service automation and human assistance for the best service experiences anytime, anywhere.

Empower your service agents
Relieve service agents and field technicians from repetitive tasks and give them the tools to deliver authentic, personalized service that increases customer loyalty.

Create a complete picture of every customer
Only Oracle connects customer service to marketing, sales, supply chain, and financial applications to help you leverage data from across the organization to enhance every service experience.

Take the next steps toward delivering intelligent customer service

1. Get started today with our quick self-assessment to see how you can deliver more relevant, timely, and personalized customer service experiences.

2. Looking for powerful and intelligent B2B, B2C, and field service solutions that connect relevant customer data across your organization and help you predict the need for service? Learn why you should choose Oracle Service over Salesforce or Zendesk.

3. Take the quick self-guided product tour below to see how Oracle Service can help you improve customer service, build customer loyalty, and drive revenue.

Oracle Service self-guided product tour

Oracle Service

Austin Belisle

Web Marketing Strategist, Oracle Advertising and CX

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