Oracle Engagement Engine gives customers the seamless digital service experiences they crave

August 6, 2021 | 4 minute read
Prabakar Paulsami
Vice President, Applications Development
Anoop Kuncheria
Director, Applications Development, Oracle
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Customer service is continuously evolving to address consumer expectations. And while some brands shifted quickly to address new consumer needs during the pandemic, others are struggling to provide the proactive, personalized service their loyal customers have come to expect. But with the right tools in hand, you can reliably provide the seamless, multichannel service experience customers crave.

In this blog, we’ll uncover the secrets behind Oracle Engagement Engine, an insightful offering within Oracle Service that can help you deliver proactive service experiences to improve customer satisfaction and help strengthen customer loyalty.

What is Oracle Engagement Engine?

Oracle Engagement Engine is a powerful feature that enables customer service organizations to engage with web visitors in real time, providing relevant content and experiences tailored to each customer. The rule-based service first observes visitor activities on your website, customer service portal, or web application. And based on those activities, as well as your established customer service business processes, it then allows the service organization to engage customers while they're browsing with personalized, dynamic experiences.

Here are a few examples of the types of engagements it can trigger:

  • Inlays, such as relevant knowledge base articles or an offer to chat with an agent
  • Chatbots, such as Oracle Digital Assistant
  • Guided assessments or interviews via Oracle Intelligent Advisor
  • JavaScript functions
  • Dynamic content based on context
  • Automated rule-based events, such as identifying a visitor as a repeat customer and kicking off the appropriate action
  • Communication with other customer data sources to support the service experience, such as fetching purchase history via a connected system

Every customer activity can be used to trigger an engagement based on your customer service preferences. For example, if a repeat customer visits your site and you know their recent purchase history, you might offer them a relevant article from your knowledge base or launch a chat session so they can talk to a contact center agent who will have all the necessary data at their fingertips to quickly assist them.

Want to see Oracle Engagement Engine in action? Watch the replay of our recent Cloud Customer Connect session on the power of Oracle Engagement Engine and how it can help you take a proactive approach to engaging with customers! A Cloud Customer Connect account is required to view this content.

Use Oracle Engagement Engine to create new rules quickly and easily

Because customer behavior is constantly changing, it’s not realistic to manually code new triggers to address every new micro-moment and the action your customer service system should take to address it. Alleviate the need for constant updates by using a data-driven, no-code option to capture those micro-moments and initiate the right dynamic experiences.

Oracle Engagement Engine makes it easy to adjust your service responses with a simple “if else” rule engine. Want to offer an Intelligent Advisor interview, trigger a chatbot, or connect a customer with a live agent? It only takes a few clicks.

Here’s an example of a simple rule we’ve created to display a chat inlay when a customer's idle on a particular page for 10 seconds.

Oracle Engagement Engine rule

Additionally, the Engagement Engine dashboard allows you to centralize all rule creation and management in one place. From the dashboard, you can publish new rules, revise existing rules, and organize them based on your business processes.

Oracle Engagement Engine dashboard

Oracle Engagement Engine also comes with built-in analytics that offer a comprehensive view of your activity, including your current sites and the rules associated with them.

Oracle Engagement Engine analytics

Additional benefits of Oracle Engagement Engine

In addition to the ease of triggering customer service interactions and making changes to your service processes, Oracle Engagement Engine also works well with other Oracle Service features to offer you even more functionality.

Oracle Service customers can use Oracle Engagement Engine along with Inlays and Intelligent Advisor to proactively engage customers with a unique digital experience. Agents can access functionality like Page Peek, Web Visits, and Visitor Browser History to better support customers during the service experience. Engagement Engine also has a Visual Builder component, which can be easily integrated with any digital customer service application.

Get started with Oracle Engagement Engine

Oracle Engagement Engine is a single-version service currently available to all Oracle Service customers through Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. If Engagement Engine is not currently enabled on your site, simply submit a service request to enable it.

For a closer look at Oracle Engagement Engine, watch the replay of our recent Cloud Customer Connect session where we demonstrated how it can help you provide proactive engagement experiences for your customers. A Cloud Customer Connect account is required to view this content.

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Prabakar Paulsami

Vice President, Applications Development

Anoop Kuncheria

Director, Applications Development, Oracle

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