Sales Trends to Keep Up with in 2021: Customer Intelligence

February 4, 2021 | 2 minute read
Mary Correnti
Product Manager, Oracle Sales
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During my time in sales, I was burned a lot by the data in my CRM. So, it was no surprise to learn that 85% of digital sellers have made embarrassing mistakes due to faulty CRM data.

2020 brought an unprecedented volume of changes to account-level data and increased the importance of reps having access to accurate information. Keeping up with such changes, along with a renewed focus on capturing and understanding the signals that help sellers construct well-timed and well-targeted outreach, makes customer intelligence an important area to double down on in 2021.

Oracle DataFox Data Management account enrichment is one way businesses can stay on top of the account changes we’ve seen in the last year. With DataFox:

  • Solving inaccurate or incomplete account data saves the time spent selling to companies that aren’t a good fit.
  • Ongoing enrichment with automatic updates means reps can continuously rely on accurate data.
  • Reduced manual data entry drives CRM adoption and improves forecasting and reporting.

With Oracle DataFox, it’s easier than ever for reps to time their outreach using real-time account news signals. Reps can actively track their accounts and receive updates in their tool of choice, whether that’s their CRM, a mobile device, or in their collaboration tools. The result: improved personalization of sales outreach for more relevant, engaging business conversations that drive conversions.

When it comes to building a customer intelligence strategy, take it one step at a time. Start by understanding and quantifying the state of your data today. Oracle provides complimentary data health checks to allow customers to do just that.

Every Oracle Sales and Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation customer is invited to use the Oracle & Dun and Bradstreet Data Health Check to get a summary of their account- and contact-level data quality.

To understand the quality of address data in the CRM, customers can also leverage the Oracle & Loqate Address Data Health Check.

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Mary Correnti

Product Manager, Oracle Sales

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