Razer pioneers exceptional customer service delivery with Oracle Service and Five9

November 19, 2021 | 4 minute read
Carrie West
Senior Product Marketing Manager, Oracle CX
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Oracle customer serviceAt a recent Oracle webinar, “How to Change Your Service Strategy to Become Digital-First,” we were pleased to welcome a wonderful panel of industry experts for a discussion with Paul Greenberg, analyst and managing principal of The 56 Group, about Razer’s transformation to becoming a digital-first customer service leader.

Razer, the world’s leading lifestyle brand for gamers, emphasized the importance of customer experience and shared how automation helps them get customers back in the game, while giving Razer the speed and agility required for success in today’s fast-changing world.

Here are a few of the highlights from this lively discussion, which included:

  • Nik Tran, Senior Manager, Online Services, Razer
  • Johnathon White, B2C Oracle Engineer, Razer
  • Genefa Murphy, Chief Marketing Officer, Five9
  • Jeff Wartgow, Vice President of Product Management, Oracle

A customer-first mentality means thinking digital-first

For a global brand like Razer that offers a wide range of products and attracts customers from all age groups and backgrounds, delivering effective and efficient customer engagement can be a challenge, but Razer prides itself on always putting the customer first.

The company wanted to improve its service strategy to reflect the high standards of their overwhelmingly digital-first gamer audience and make the customer service experience a holistic brand experience as well. “We strive for customer satisfaction across the board,” said Johnathon, “making sure every interaction from our customer base is one that's extremely positive.”

If a console malfunctions or an account experiences technical difficulties, gamers need a quick and effective fix that doesn’t take them out of the game. According to Nik, “The ability to best serve customers and make sure we’re putting the right type of content and solutions in front of them is important to our business.”

Unfortunately, while the Razer team knew many customers prefer to solicit help via chat—ideally an automated one, the company’s legacy engagement channels were phone and email. To elevate its customer support capabilities to the next level, Razer turned to Oracle solutions to optimize and automate its service process and enable help via chat and other self-service options. Added Nik, “The self-service aspect of Oracle Service is key.”

Automation enables proactive and personalized assistance

In today’s hyper-connected world, Razer aims to give gamers what they need when and how they want it. But that wouldn’t be possible without the right tools.

With Oracle Digital Assistant, Razer customer service leverages automation to know exactly how to support a customer even before they reach out. The chatbot helps the team gather meaningful background information so they can help get users back to their game quickly and spend less time with an agent.

But some gamers choose to use voice as a mechanism for immediate service instead of digital chat. As Five9’s Genefa Murphy pointed out, “When they think digital, many people don't think voice because the voice experience is often a bad one. But we digitized voice long before we digitized anything else. Having a high-quality digital voice experience is great because when it’s something urgent, the customer might not be able to get to a chat and they can't wait until the next break point.”

When a call is transferred to a human agent via Live Experience, all of the transactional history and context collected by the Oracle Digital Assistant automatically transfer as well, so customers don’t have to repeat themselves and agents can provide a more personalized experience right from the start. And Oracle Knowledge Management equips Razer’s customer service agents with the right content to quickly find the best answer for each customer.

Embracing a digital-first customer service strategy

Razer is just one of many businesses disrupting the typical customer service model to make it work better for their company and their customer base and capitalize on the agility a digital-first service strategy affords.

With the ever-changing trends in customer preferences for interacting with brands and requesting service assistance, it’s critical to observe their habits and listen to their needs to optimize your service strategy. For Razer, that means looking for other areas of the business where they can apply their newfound insights and stretching into those areas, while continuing to analyze, optimize, and improve their existing service strategy.

To hear more from the discussion, watch the replay of “How to Change Your Service Strategy to Become Digital-First.”

5:24 – Who is Razer? (with Nik Tran & Johnathon White)
7:07 – What makes a Razer customer unique and why is it important for everyone to understand their dynamic? (with Johnathon White & Nik Tran)
10:19 – Omnichannel digital-first service personalization for Razer and how important it is to working with Five9 and Oracle
19:42 – How have Five9 and Oracle partnered with Razer to assist with their journey?
28:09 – Razer: How’s it going and what are the results so far?
31:13 – What’s next, how far will you take the customer experience journey, and what changes do you see occurring in 2022?
40:16 – What advances would you like to see in customer experience over the next couple of years?


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Carrie West

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Oracle CX

Carrie West is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Oracle. Focused on go-to-market initiatives for Oracle Sales, Carrie has extensive experience in setting strategy, driving execution, and obtaining measurable ROI for marketing and sales initiatives.

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