Workspace with Adaptive Search: A seller’s one-stop shop for CRM efficiency

March 18, 2022 | 4 minute read
Kayleigh Halko
Principal Product Manager
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Workspace with Adaptive SearchIn our house, we're big fans of '90s movies. And with all the streaming services hosting their fair share of '90s nostalgia right now, it's been fun rediscovering our old favorites.

At any given moment, I can find almost any movie on at least one streaming service. But what's the best way to find what I'm looking for? It's so frustrating to go one-by-one through Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and the others, tediously typing in the name of a film with my remote control until I hit the jackpot.

Luckily, my cable provider supplied us with a voice-controlled remote and a universal search experience. I simply say "Jurassic Park" and instantly see multiple options for watching it right away, related information like cast and crew details, and even how to "favorite" my selection to make it easier to find in the future.

If only sales professionals could take advantage of this method of searching, selecting, and acting on information so quickly and easily in their CRM. Thanks to Oracle's Workspace with Adaptive Search (Cloud Customer Connect account required to access), a popular feature of Oracle Sales, they can.

The challenges of the current sales technologies

One of the top complaints sales reps have about their sales force automation (SFA) solution is that it takes too long to find what they need. To surface the right information, they have to know which list to look at and what record type to search against—and their search entry can't contain any errors. Additionally, with so much data in the CRM, outdated search methods can be really slow. The whole process can take a lot of time and make reps less likely to want to use their CRM.

Another challenge is that once sellers find what they need, they then have to spend time navigating between different areas in their CRM just to start the whole search process over again. What a waste of valuable time that could be spent working with customers.

Oracle Sales seller study

Workspace with Adaptive Search sets sellers up for success

Workspace is essentially the mission control view in Oracle Sales. It allows sales reps to search across all objects, save searches with unique filters and helpful criteria, and take quick action directly from the list of resulting records.

Not only is it built for high performance, but it's built for personalization. Sellers can customize their page setup and group results intelligently to help stay organized and quickly assess their priorities.

Workspace for Oracle Sales

Workspace with Adaptive Search has so many powerful capabilities, but here are a few of my favorites:

High-performance search

Sellers can search across tens of millions of records in less than a second using the Adaptive Search capabilities in Workspace.

Deep search

Adaptive Search understands data relationships and factors them into search results. For example, is the seller looking for an address in Cleveland or a company with Cleveland in its name?

Integrated actions

Not only does Workspace surface hyper-contextual search results, but it allows sales reps to perform common tasks with the resulting records—converting leads, closing opportunities, marking tasks as complete, etc.—without drilling into the details.

Intuitive experience

Workspace search includes facets and filters with predictive record counts and smart search functionality. Users can also save searches and any applied filters so they can revisit their frequently used searches. They can even "favorite" records with a simple click so they're easier to spot within lists and searches.

Smart Lists

As I recently wrote, the best CRM search is the one you never have to do. Smart Lists make that a reality by automatically surfacing the most likely records a rep should pay attention to—no search required.

Consistent experiences

Searches and lists saved in Workspace are accessible no matter how or where a seller works, whether they use the Oracle CX Sales Mobile app or tap into the power of Workspace Infolets on their task-based Oracle Sales homepage.

For even more strategies to set sellers up for success, watch the replay of "How Organizations Help Sellers Get Back to Selling" and hear how virtual selling can help you create smarter, more intuitive experiences for both buyers and sellers.

Get started with Workspace

Workspace is very easy to deploy, and we have plenty of great resources to guide you through. If you're ready to get started or just want more details, check out the following information:

Feature Kit: Workspace for Fast and Easy Access to Oracle Sales and Oracle B2B Services (account required)

Oracle Sales product tour

Watch our Innovation Hour on Workspace and Adaptive Search

If you haven't already done so, register for Cloud Customer Connect, Oracle's premier online cloud community designed to facilitate peer-to-peer collaboration, enable members to keep pace with product strategy, and provide a feedback channel to Oracle development. Sign up today to start leveraging the collective knowledge of Oracle customers and product experts!

Kayleigh Halko

Principal Product Manager

Kayleigh Halko is a Principal Product Manager at Oracle.

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