Oracle Sales Planning's Predictive Forecasting

June 29, 2019 | 1 minute read
Nick Vautier
Director, Product Management
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Oracle Sales Planning now provides Advanced Predictive Forecasting capabilities. This allows you to pull in orders, invoices and pipeline data into your forecast along with quota and budget information. You can report on your forecast broken out by territories, products, accounts, channels, or other custom dimensions. You can also forecast by week, month, quarter, or on a rolling basis. Oracle Sales Planning offers these key features:

  • Advanced machine generated predictions that automatically create the best fit statistical prediction based on each groups unique selling pattern

  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Office. with the ability to pull in live data into both Excel and Powerpoint, plus the ability to make live updates within Excel.

  • Completely configurable user interface and data flows using Oracles award winning Planning Cloud platform.

  • Ability to adjust forecast commitment at the territory level or detailed level (for example, by product or account) to facilitate collaborative data-driven forecast commitment.

  • Instantaneous aggregations and reporting using out-of-box and tailored reporting.

Advanced Sales Forecasting ensures greater speed and accuracy in your forecasts, improves collaboration across organizational silos.

Nick Vautier

Director, Product Management

Director, Product Management for Sales Performance Management and CX Sales

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