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December 21, 2023 | 2 minute read
Prabakar Paulsami
Vice President, Applications Development
Nithin Nassar
Product Manager - Oracle B2C Service
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As Oracle continues to invest in multiple cloud offerings for customer service products, we want to ensure that your current B2C Service Cloud investment is safe, secure, and staying modern.

While it is always exciting to talk about how new technologies, consolidation, and new shiny tools could be leveraged to solve existing problems, at some point everyone needs to take a pause and answer these fundamental questions at the board level:

  1. Are we getting the maximum ROI from the current IT investment?
  2. Is the current platform safe, secure, and supports modern features that we need for an enterprise?
  3. Do we have the IT budget, and can we assume all the risk that is required to take on a new tool?
  4. Is there enough time and trust to adopt new tools and technologies, while adhering to enterprise strategic decisions ?

We are excited to share the launch of “SaaS Unlimited” for our B2C Service product.

What is SaaS Unlimited?

Our commitment to excellence starts with you.  Oracle will make commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that the B2C Service Cloud is available for no less than ten years from the date of this document. (at least through 2034, as of today). That doesn’t mean that we expect anything substantial to happen in year ten, it is a promise that nothing will happen before then.

We are making a commitment of ongoing support as outlined below:

Oracle recognizes that the Oracle B2C Service cloud product is central to your strategy and long-term roadmap. You’ve integrated this application into your business model, and we’re committed to helping you maximize your investment.

  • The current quarterly and monthly continuous releases for the B2C Service product give you the latest features and functionality.
  • The current investment is safe, secure, and will have modern technologies and features.
  • You get the same Oracle resources and staff that you use now with ongoing security patches and software updates. Your staff knows the applications already.
  • No forced migrations. No surprises. Receive ongoing new features and a transparent roadmap.

OK, where can I see the road map?

Our teams are sharing the road map and key deliverables via customer connect sessions on a regular schedule. Details are here.

Customer-Driven Enhancements(CDEs): We have been listening to customers through various forums like in-person meetings, communication via our CSS (Customer Success Services) teams, and focused workshops to gather enhancement requests directly from you, our customers.

Why SaaS Unlimited?

SaaS Unlimited is similar to the very successful Oracle Applications Unlimited  program, continuing Oracle's commitment to the ongoing support and full satisfaction to customers’ expectations, with the same goal of “customer first mindset & better together”. We are reiterating our commitment of ongoing support and trust to our B2C service cloud customers, through SaaS Unlimited program.

For any questions?

Please feel free to reach out your Oracle account team.

Prabakar Paulsami

Vice President, Applications Development

Nithin Nassar

Product Manager - Oracle B2C Service

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