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August 31, 2020 | 1 minute read
Nick Vautier
Director, Product Management
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Alphabet Soup!

EBS? OIC? SPM? SPPM? Confused? We are here to help...

E-Business Suite Oracle Incentive Compensation (EBS OIC)

Oracle EBS offers OIC for existing on-premise EBS customers to calculate variable compensation.

CX Sales Incentive Compensation (IC)

Oracle CX Sales IC, sometimes referred to as Fusion Incentive Compensation (FIC), offers Incentive Compensation for customers looking for a modern cloud based solution on top of a unified platform.

CX Sales IC vs EBS OIC

Oracle CX Sales offers Incentive Compensation as a core foundational component. The new CX Sales IC offering is a cloud-based successor product to our EBS Oracle Incentive Compensation (OIC) application that also absorbed some valued features of Siebel ICM (e.g. Performance Measures) and Fusion Middleware (e.g. embedded BI,  extensibility) as well as providing an entirely redesigned user interface model. So in CX Sales, Oracle offers the benefit of highly-performant code seasoned over 20 years for the predecessor product together with a modern Cloud infrastructure.  While we started with the same seasoned calculation engine used in EBS OIC, we have continually improved on our cloud offering for the last 10 years.  For example, in EBS OIC some key processes are single-threaded, whereas all the operational processes in Cloud IC are multi-threaded. 

Nick Vautier

Director, Product Management

Director, Product Management for Sales Performance Management and CX Sales

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