Oracle Is Named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™ for Sales Force Automation Solutions, Q2 2021

April 29, 2021 | 3 minute read
Katrina Gosek
Vice President, Product Development, Oracle Advertising and CX
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Download The Forrester Wave™ for Sales Force Automation Solutions, Q2 2021.

If you’re a Chief Revenue Officer, I suspect your job has been challenging recently to say the least. Whether you’re in a business that is building back or one that has unexpectedly thrived, there’s been a lot of pressure. That’s why the team at Oracle Sales has been working day in and day out to help make your day-to-day job a little easier.

Sales organizations play a pretty important role in a company’s revenue-generating efforts. But there’s likely been a culprit lurking in the shadows—or maybe out in the wide open—that has hindered your rockstar sellers’ potential. The culprit: the lagging adoption of customer relationship management (CRM) systems. And it continues to be one of the biggest barriers to revenue growth. It’s not all that surprising, however, given that traditional CRM systems weren’t designed to actually help sellers sell or connect better with customers. Instead, they were designed to help sales managers forecast better and capture pipeline data. That’s quite a disconnect.

Sellers hate their CRM system so much that 66% of them said they would rather clean the bathroom than update it, and 85% said they have made potentially embarrassing mistakes due to faulty CRM data. In that case, it’s very possible your sellers aren’t even logging into their CRM, let alone updating it. And who could blame them? The intelligence from their CRM isn’t valuable when the AI is bolted on rather than being a native part of the system. And if they aren’t providing feedback to that AI, it can’t improve. So, they rely on their intuition rather than a machine, which likely gets them far but isn’t scalable for companies in 2021.

The Oracle approach

At Oracle, we take a different approach than our peers by putting the seller experience at the heart of our product. We’ve built a system that helps sellers have more meaningful interactions with customers by giving them prescriptive guidance using embedded AI and ML that’s driven by data—and not just customer experience data. Oracle is unique in that we can seamlessly connect front- and back-office data to give sellers a complete view of their customers, past and present.

When a system works as a source of trusted recommendation, sellers will adopt it, they’ll update it, and they’ll use it. This vision we’re continually delivering on is called Responsive Selling, and our goal is to help CROs manage a multi-experience sales funnel that touches the buyer, seller, reseller, and finance department. And we believe we are validated in this vision.

Forrester has named us a Leader and gave Oracle the top score in the Current Offering category in The Forrester Wave™: Sales Force Automation Solutions, Q2 2021. Forrester recognized that, when it comes to sales force automation and CRM, we have “a solid vision grounded in data and AI and an aligned roadmap designed to automate data management and sales processes and provide hyper-personalized, role-based experiences.”

To learn more, download the complete report.

More innovations to come

We’re on the right track, but our work is never over—and we’re not letting up anytime soon. As a customer-centric organization, we thrive on helping our customers solve problems, and we’re honored to be a small part of your success. Oracle Sales will continue to innovate and deliver a system that combines our differentiated, unified platform approach with complete sales intelligence and prescriptive experiences for sellers.

To learn more about what we’ve been up to, please visit our CX innovations page, where we dive into the latest and greatest innovations for Oracle Sales, subscription management, and more.

Katrina Gosek

Vice President, Product Development, Oracle Advertising and CX

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