“Oracle Is at Its Best in Online Testing…” According to Forrester Report

January 25, 2021 | 3 minute read
Gijs Verrycken
Sr. Director of Product Management at Oracle
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Not so long ago, the number of touchpoints a customer had with a company was quite limited. As a result, their journey from discovery to purchase was relatively linear. With the digital advance, the number of touchpoints has grown exponentially. 

These days, customers zigzag from discovery to purchase and they demand more and more personalized experiences. As the world becomes more complex, the ability to understand what customers really want is even more important. Regrettably, this has also become more challenging at the same time.

A/Bn and multivariate testing

Testing (A/Bn and multivariate), —that is being able to isolate changes and understand their impact is crucial in this context. Testing is also a means to personalization. The most successful brands on the web have mastered the art of continuous testing and tweaking to tailor the experiences to an individual and really deliver what the user needs at every step of their engagement journey.

To understand if a change was impactful, the platform must be able to express its statistical significance of a default experience vs an alternative (test). Given key decisions will be based on the outcomes of these tests, it’s important there is full confidence in the statistical capability powering these platforms so that the results are both reliable as well as trustworthy. This means it must be able to cope with mid-test changes, continuous monitoring to avoid false positive inflation (user error), and auto test completion.

Cross channel optimization

In addition, when testing alternative experiences, it’s important it’s done across all channels and not just the web. Shoppers may access a website, mobile app, in-store web terminal, IoT, social channels, or search engine marketing etc. Cross-channel testing ensures the impact across all the various channels is understood and optimized.

As testing has moved from an expert skill set into a core toolset for most marketers and product managers, platforms have to innovate to remain relevant.

Oracle Maxymiser Testing and Optimization possesses the complete toolset required to help customers not only to personalize the experience but also understand and validate the impact of all these changes, both cross channel (web, app, IoT, server side) as well as in highly secured environments. 

To provide peace of mind, it is powered by a market leading Group Sequential approach and marketer-friendly visual editor. Its advanced targeting rules and real-time intelligence ensure even the most complex scenarios can be catered for. These tools allow our customers to target at a high-fidelity level and deliver 1:1 personalization at scale.

The combination of Oracle Maxymiser, Oracle Infinity, and Oracle Marketing Recommendations serve billions of experiences per year and make a compelling offering to deliver on advanced cross channel testing and personalization use cases in a self-serve way.

Recognition of Oracle’s capabilities

Oracle is tied for the highest score in the online testing criterion in The Forrester Wave™: Experience Optimization Platforms, Q4 2020 report

The Forrester report noted: “Oracle shines with real-time, high-fidelity, cross-channel data collection; the application of AI and machine learning to real-time data streams; and the ability to optimize experiences on the fly.” 

The report also states, “Oracle is at its best in online testing, and it also has strong behavioral targeting and recommendations capabilities. Its innovative use of machine learning for creating predictive models, segment discovery, and other capabilities to help users make smarter optimization decisions is impressive… The product has a wide enterprise appeal and is a great fit for many types of users, including marketers, e-commerce professionals, product teams, and developers.”

We are thankful to our global and growing customer base across a wide variety of industries for believing in our capabilities and vision. We’re excited about all the new product launches we have lined up for 2021.

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Gijs Verrycken

Sr. Director of Product Management at Oracle

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