Oracle CX Sales Users Leverage Personal Assistant to Perform CRM Updates

April 27, 2020 | 2 minute read
Mary Correnti
Product Manager, Oracle Sales
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Did you know that 79% of opportunity-related data collected by sales reps is never entered into their CRM?  That’s not hard to believe.

Your reps’ days are busy and it’s hard for them to find the time to log into the CRM to make updates. As a result, business critical CRM data falls through the cracks.

Here at Oracle, we make tools carefully designed for how sellers like to work. In fact, we empower reps to work from the systems and devices they already use, giving them a simple path to access and update CRM data.

Well, last month, Microsoft announced that Microsoft Teams, their communication and collaboration platform, had 44 million daily active users, up from 20 million in November.  

Putting the “I” in Teams

With more and more CX Sales users leveraging Microsoft Teams, Oracle remains committed to empowering reps to work from the systems they already use. This is why Oracle is putting the “I” in teams with our out-of-the-box Oracle Sales Assistant integration with Microsoft Teams.

The integration eliminates the need for a sales rep to switch between the two applications. Now, sales reps can update Oracle CX Sales directly in Teams simply by engaging the Oracle Sales Assistant, our chatbot designed to help sellers automate tasks. Updating the CRM has never been easier and now your business has access to all of the data it needs to remain competitive, making sure much less data falls through the cracks.

Within Microsoft Teams, sales reps can:
•    Leverage the Oracle Sales Assistant to view, create, and update tasks, appointments, opportunities, service requests, accounts & contacts
•    Create an opportunity team to collaborate on an ongoing opportunity
•    Set up push notifications and reminders to take action on upcoming events
•    Receive real time alerts on account news via our account signal engine Oracle DataFox
•    Quickly search for contacts, accounts, and opportunities leveraging smart lists that factor relevancy and user context into search results

To learn more, click to read the press release.

To leverage the integration with your current CX Sales environment, reach out to your Oracle account manager today.


Mary Correnti

Product Manager, Oracle Sales

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