Oracle drinks its own champagne infused with valuable CX partner solutions

August 3, 2021 | 7 minute read
Stephen Fioretti
VP, Strategic Software Partnerships, Oracle Advertising and CX
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At Oracle, we’ve established a robust ecosystem of Independent Software Vendor (ISV) partners across marketing, sales, commerce, and customer service whose solutions successfully complement our Advertising and CX portfolio of applications.

Learn more about our ecosystem of CX software partners at the Oracle Cloud Marketplace or on

Internally, we “drink our own champagne,” leveraging our best-of-breed CX applications for our own marketing, sales, and service processes. What’s not as well-known, however, is that Oracle also uses solutions provided by a number of our CX ISV partners—as do many of our joint customers—to deliver increased functionality and innovation. It truly takes an ecosystem to meet all the requirements of an organization, especially one as large and complex as Oracle.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the leading partner solutions we’ve deployed at Oracle and how they uniquely bring value to our business and joint customers.

SprinklrSprinklr enables marketing, advertising, research, customer care, and engagement across all modern social, messaging, chat, and text channels. Sprinklr helps both Oracle and our customers unify and scale social media management and measurement programs.

Internally, Sprinklr gives Oracle’s marketing, communications, advertising, and content teams a single platform to collaborate, publish, and analyze social programs. It allows our teams to accelerate the pace of assessing our social program performance, as well as benchmark what competitors, influencers, and media properties are doing in the market. 


PathFactoryPathFactory allows B2B marketers to scale content experiences that accelerate buyer and customer journeys. Their proprietary content intelligence data both helps their customers understand content performance and fuels PathFactory’s AI-driven content recommendation service that dynamically recommends content based on what visitors consume and are interested in. PathFactory is integrated with Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation for many joint customers, helping accelerate nurture programs, scale account-based marketing (ABM), and fuel Oracle Eloqua with high-quality content engagement data, among other use cases.

Oracle’s own marketing team uses PathFactory to accelerate our Oracle Eloqua nurtures and optimize content delivery and engagement on specific product segments of our website. It also improves our content intelligence (Which content assets are performing? Which accounts are viewing content?) and reduces the time and resources required to design and execute campaigns.


LitmusLitmus provides email workflow and collaboration solutions for marketers. Through campaign development and testing, better collaboration across teams, and insights for future program optimization, Litmus helps improve marketing effectiveness.

Oracle uses Litmus to test emails in Oracle Eloqua and Oracle Responsys Campaign Management to make sure they’re error-free and will render properly across a wide range of email clients and web browsers. It saves us time and reduces review cycles, all while improving email performance. Oracle Consulting Services also uses Litmus as a part of the shared services they provide to joint Oracle customers.


SingularSingular is a leader in marketing intelligence and attribution. Oracle has worked with Singular to create a more unified and centralized marketing reporting dashboard, tying a myriad of campaigns to conversions and KPIs for joint customers.

Oracle uses Singular internally to help aggregate and streamline advertising media spend and results, bringing data back into our internal implementation of Oracle Unity Customer Data Platform to get a 360 degree-customer view. This enables Oracle to optimize media tactics, perform ROI analysis, and allocate investments into the highest-return activities.


FacebookFacebook builds technologies that help people connect with friends and family, find communities, and grow businesses. Facebook social tools are integrated with various products in the Oracle Advertising and CX portfolio, including Oracle Eloqua, Oracle Responsys, BlueKai Data Management Platform, and Oracle Service.

Oracle marketers use some of these integrations internally to target and personalize the advertising experience to customers on Facebook's ad-serving platform.


LinkedInLinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network. LinkedIn ads enable marketers to raise awareness with native ads, build relationships, and drive better lead generation efforts via the Oracle Eloqua LinkedIn Campaign Manager App.

Oracle’s integration with LinkedIn ads allow Oracle’s internal marketing team to send contacts directly from the Eloqua Campaign canvas to LinkedIn, retargeting contacts with relevant digital ads. Oracle’s integration to LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms enable the Oracle team to capture leads from LinkedIn by pushing contacts directly into selected Eloqua campaigns.


ZoomZoom is an important platform for distributed workers to collaborate and stay connected. Oracle is one of Zoom’s long-standing customers, and Zoom delivers parts of its service on our Gen 2 Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle also uses Zoom Webinars for our virtual customer events. Integrated with Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation, marketers can register contacts for Zoom Webinars as part of campaigns and then make post-event decisions based on attendance and registration activity.


FollozeFolloze harnesses deep buyer insights, sales orchestration, and artificial intelligence (AI) to empower sales and marketing teams. Users can create personalized experiences and micro-targeted campaigns across the entire customer journey.

Oracle uses Folloze to deliver highly customized and curated marketing content and enable Oracle sales reps with marketing content to support an account-based marketing and sales approach. It also provides sales teams with real-time intelligence about an account’s content engagement.


ConversicaConversica AI Assistants serve as digital team members, autonomously engaging contacts, prospects, customers, or partners via email in human-like, two-way interactions at scale to drive the next best action.

Oracle uses Conversica to support both pre-purchase and post-purchase use cases, including qualifying leads and educating existing customers. Using Conversica AI Assistants to engage via email, Oracle teams can ensure that every targeted contact gets a relevant message, an appropriate call to action, and the desired message attempts required to achieve the best outcomes, while improving the productivity of our human resources. delivers a leading ROI (Revenue Operations and Intelligence) platform. Using patented AI technology, it transforms business activity data into insights and coaching guidance that unlock growth for sales, marketing, and operations.

Oracle sales reps and managers use to capture sales transactions or interactions (email, meetings, calls, etc.) and then use these interactions to understand the effectiveness of sales and marketing campaigns, determine account penetration, and enrich and validate sales contacts in the Oracle Sales application. 


DocuSignDocuSign’s Agreement Cloud is a digital platform that helps organizations connect and automate how they prepare, sign, act on, and manage legally binding documents securely.

Both Oracle and independent business unit NetSuite use DocuSign in different functional areas of the organizations for activities like purchasing, sales contracts, commissions, and executive recruiting. This allows for increased efficiency and productivity of contract execution, as well as reducing time to close out administrative tasks.


Vanilla ForumsVanilla Forums provides a platform for communities and forums where companies come together to collaborate, ideate, communicate, and share in order to drive success with a company’s products and services.

Vanilla Forums is the foundation for many of Oracle’s customer-facing communities called Oracle Cloud Customer Connect.


These ISV partners and many more like them are a vital part of our joint customers’ success in the CX market. Find out more about our ever-growing CX ISV ecosystem on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.  

Stephen Fioretti

VP, Strategic Software Partnerships, Oracle Advertising and CX

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