The next generation of Fusion Sales is in good company with a set of next generation partners

July 26, 2022 | 4 minute read
Jeremy Inchauspe
CX ISV Partner Manager
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The next generation of Fusion SalesThe next generation of sellers has access to more information than they know what to do with. The unlimited number of ways to reach customers, conduct business, and maneuver organizational complexity often renders salespeople asking themselves, "Where do I begin?". When you add to the complexity of conducting business, you leave less time to add value and solve problems for your customers.

Complexity is par for the course in the responsive selling approach—this type of seller will be left behind in the B2B sales world. A Harvard Business Review study found that a prescriptive sales approach increased purchase ease by over 86%. The prescriptive seller is one step ahead, constantly anticipating the needs of the customer.

The next generation of Fusion Sales and its partners equip sellers with the right set of tools to deliver a prescriptive sales experience for their customers—providing value every step of the way.

Increase sales productivity with fewer clicks required

Linkedin’s State of Sales 2022 report found that in order to fully understand the buying committee and complexities of the organizations they're selling to, the most effective sales reps were spending 18% more time than the average sellers updating their CRM systems.

What if all your sellers had access to the same level of updated data in their CRM while spending even less time updating it?

This is just one of the realities made possible with the next generation of Fusion Sales and its partners. The innovative partners we have aligned with expand and enhance the already powerful capabilities of Fusion Sales—enabling our customers to deliver the right message, at the right time, on the right channel, to the right person at all stages of the buying process.

Oracle and share a vision for how revenue intelligence can help transform B2B selling. frees sellers from tedious data-entry tasks and allow them to focus on providing value and solving problems for customers.

“Our ability to automate activity capture, provide AI-generated insights, and make that available to Oracle Fusion Sales customers where they work, drives significant and rapid ROI for customers including increasing seller productivity, accelerating pipeline generation, identifying under-engaged accounts, increasing win rates, and reducing sales cycles.” - Oleg Rogynskyy, CEO and Founder,

The immense benefit sellers experience by eliminating manual data-entry is only magnified when all their customer interactions are with the right people at the right time. Conversica is a powerful partner in the space working to ensure sales reps can focus on the leads that are most important and sales ready.

"The combined power of Oracle Fusion Sales and Conversica’s Conversation Automation platform enables Sales teams to infinitely scale by automating time-consuming but necessary tasks. Digital Assistants take on activities throughout all stages of the sales cycle -engaging in powerfully human two-way conversations, ultimately guiding prospects to the next stage in the funnel. Digital Assistants help both marketing and sales teams with hyper-personalized dialog and content recommendations until client prospects are ready to meet with a Salesperson. As a result, employees can focus on truly sales-ready leads, buyers get what they need immediately, and no opportunity gets missed, resulting in greater pipeline volume and velocity." - Jim Kaskade, CEO, Conversica

Drive greater deal success by eliminating the opportunity for error

We all make mistakes—it's human nature. That being said, technology can provide us with the necessary data-backed insights needed to balance out our propensity for error. By putting relevant insights at the sellers’ fingertips at the time of action, Fusion Sales ensures that reps are making the right decision every time. These insights are even more valuable when enhanced by what is possible with revenue intelligence player, Gong.

“Gong offers sellers the most holistic view of buyer reality which helps in determining the right step at the right time to meet your buyers where they are.” - Ashi Aber, Head of Technology Partners, Gong

Fusion Sales provides sellers with a prescriptive sales process to follow—leaving little room for errors like skipping critical activities in the buying process or offering discounts that unnecessarily reduce margins. The prescriptive, easy to follow sales process is complemented by the coaching and onboarding capabilities enabled by Gong.

“With Gong, it's easy for even the newest reps to dive in and be successful. By narrowing in on clear examples of what "great" looks like, sales teams are able to focus on perfecting rather than practicing.” - Ashi Aber, Head of Technology Partners, Gong

Increase buyer satisfaction

The new sales imperative requires that sellers provide high-value, high-touch engagements every time. In a recent McKinsey study, they found “B2Bs with the fastest rates of revenue growth are far more likely to equip reps with deal-level insights and account-specific customer intelligence.” By providing sellers with a single view of all customer data, Fusion Sales puts them in the best position to answer their buyers’ critical questions and generate confidence.

To enrich the advanced business intelligence capabilities accessible to sellers, content intelligence partner Pathfactory augments customer data in a powerful way.

"Commitment to the buyer experience is the force that drives the relationship between Oracle and PathFactory, so it was only natural to invest in a solution that serves both our audiences. In the current ecosystem where building pipeline and maximizing growth is crucial, content is central to the buyer journey. PathFactory’s content consumption data tells revenue teams exactly which content and channels are producing the deepest engagement, which prospects are ready to buy and which customers are ready to be upsold." - Dev Ganesan, President and CEO, PathFactory

The next generation of Fusion Sales is in great company with the next generation of Oracle Partners—enhancing the customer experience every step of the way.

Learn more about our ecosystem of CX software partners at the Oracle Cloud Marketplace or on

Jeremy Inchauspe

CX ISV Partner Manager

Jeremy manages the CX Sales and CPQ ISV partner portfolio.

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