Markies Mondays: Using contextual intelligence to target customers in the moments that matter

January 10, 2022 | 4 minute read
Autumn Black
Content Marketing Specialist, Oracle Advertising and CX
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Welcome back to Markies Mondays, a blog series where we celebrate the finalists and recipients of Oracle's 15th annual Markie Awards. Each post in the series highlights how Oracle Advertising and CX customers and partners are building their brand and creating lasting customer relationships with our connected suite of applications.

Modern advertising and marketing pros use data to deliver meaningful, relevant experiences at the right moment. This week, we’re recognizing the finalists of the Context Award for Best Application of Positive Contextual Targeting. This award recognizes campaigns that generated a splash by leveraging contextual intelligence technology to target trending moments.

Let’s take a closer look at how these five finalists used contextual intelligence to create unique, impactful campaigns.

Saying goodbye to cookies and hello to contextual conversions

Digital marketing agency Goodway Group wanted to prepare their clients for the third-party cookieless future by finding a way to maintain the efficient performance already established in their cookie-based campaigns. Their goal: Create an innovative way to use alternate data sources to drive conversions for a specific strategic automotive client.

They decided to dive in with an early adoption on testing contextual segments. With the help of Oracle Advertising insights and Oracle Predicts, they were able to not only target individuals they knew were in-market based on data but also those who may have opted out of cookies or weren’t yet part of their in-market audience segments.

Leveraging contextual intelligence was a new frontier for Goodway Group, but the results paid off. They were able to increase conversions from contextual targeting by 194% with context conversion rates exceeding standard conversion benchmarks by 60%. And their Oracle Predicts segments exceeded standard conversion rates by 12%.

As Japanese marketing agency 5 inc. began to plan for the oncoming cookieless era, they needed to gain an understanding of their clients’ campaign objectives and analyze what content was suitable for them without the reliance on traditional cookies.

Using Oracle Contextual Intelligence, the company has been able to target niche products and uncover specific, relevant audiences. They also integrated Contextual Intelligence for brand managers of major retail companies to help them better home in on advertising content.

As a result, 5 inc. was able to build stronger relationships with their customers by leading them to the post-cookie solution ahead of time. They also improved their reach and drove conversions.

Leveraging marketing automation with contextual intelligence

Costa Rican financial services company Coopeservidores noticed the devastating effects that the pandemic had on their clientele of individuals, small businesses, and mid-sized companies and wanted to provide financial solutions that were adapted for their clients’ needs. Using data intelligence that allowed them to identify those who were experiencing financial hardships, they began a campaign called “Por el Bien de Todos” (For the Good of Everybody).

Alongside partner Suum Tech, they integrated Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation with Oracle Sales to give clients immediate access to financial solutions like credit and debit card applications and to empower financial advisors to rapidly process them. They were one of the first in Costa Rica to build an end-to-end, digital marketing strategy by putting forth intelligent campaigns to reach their target audience through email, SMS, social media, and more. And what’s more, they were able to launch this campaign within just one week.

As a result, they were able to deliver 37,000 campaign emails and SMS messages, grow their digital transactions by 31% over the previous year, and provide valuable services to more than 42,000 clients.

Software services company PTC wanted to modernize the way they marketed their products to prospective customers and to shift their strategy to synchronize their sales and marketing organizations. To do so, they employed marketing automation and focused on using their robust tech stack and readily available data to optimize customer engagements.

With partner Motiva AI, PTC established Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation as the heart of their marketing interactions. For most customers, their first touchpoint occurs on the website, which is gated by an Eloqua form to capture leads. They also used Eloqua to create a master lead mapping table, to analyze their content coverage, and to create a baseline of new and old contacts for marketing leads.

As a result, PTC was able to generate a 65% increase in web conversions from email, grow their influenced pipeline 40% year-over-year, and increase unique clicks and open rates by 46% and 96%, respectively.

Reaching new heights with personalization

With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, one airline found innovative ways to connect with customers and meet their needs while increasing sales along the way. To do so, they spent a year and a half diving into their personalization and contextual targeting practices to optimize their strategy.

By using Oracle Maxymiser Testing and Optimization, Oracle Infinity Behavioral Intelligence, and Oracle Responsys Campaign Management, the company was able to monitor campaigns to evaluate visitor segment performance, gain a better understanding of their audience, and accurately target customers based on their website activity. They were also able to use this data to revamp their customer loyalty program and to support a redesign of the user interface for a new website launch.

Taking things a step further, leveraging insights allowed the airline to offer a personalized web experience for each member logged into their website based on specific travel segments. They also launched A/B testing to target specific segments with unique content.

As a result, the airline gained powerful customer insights, improved average order value across audience segments, and increased overall revenue by more than $23,000.


Want to learn more about these and other 15th annual Markie Awards finalists? Explore the Customer Success Stories category of the Customer Experience blog and the Markie Awards website.

Think your team deserves a Markie for their hard work and innovation over the past year? Review the various award categories and stay tuned for more details on when the submission period will open.

Autumn Black

Content Marketing Specialist, Oracle Advertising and CX

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