Markies Mondays: 5 software innovators that help companies achieve great CX

December 20, 2021 | 6 minute read
Stephen Fioretti
VP, Strategic Software Partnerships, Oracle Advertising and CX
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Welcome back to Markies Mondays, a blog series where we celebrate the finalists and recipients of Oracle's 15th annual Markie Awards. Check back each week to learn how Oracle Advertising and CX customers and partners are building their brand and creating lasting customer relationships with our connected suite of applications.

The annual Visionary Award for CX ISV Partner of the Year celebrates independent software vendors that develop the most innovative application or technology to complement Oracle Advertising and CX and really transform the customer experience.

Let’s look at how the five finalists partnered with Oracle to offer exceptional solutions that help companies deliver the high-quality experiences today’s customers have come to expect.

Set your contact center up for success

Five9Five9 provides an adaptable, reliable, cloud-based telephony solution (often called CCAS) with a native integration into the Oracle Sales, Oracle Service and Oracle Digital Assistant applications. This partnership enables contact centers to serve as the new “front door” of the business, empowering agents with a simple, single-pane desktop view of each customer to help them create positive, personalized sales and service experiences.

A multinational imaging and electronics company previously used a dated, on-premise solution to manage its inbound contact center of over 850 agents. With the help of Five9 and Oracle Advertising and CX, they were able to modernize their business operations and streamline their data.

With direct access to comprehensive, up-to-date customer data, agents can now handle high call volumes and fulfill customer expectations with ease. And Five9’s real-time analytics on all customer interactions allow the company to quickly view the results of their efforts and better manage their resources.

Create exceptional emails with ease

LitmusLitmus helps marketers get more from their email channel—before, after, and beyond the send. With an ROI of $36 for every $1 spent, marketers continue to rely on email to drive business results.

From pre-send campaign development, collaboration, and testing to post-send insights for future content optimization, Litmus helps marketers create emails that result in exceptional customer experiences. Their integrations with Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation and Oracle Responsys Campaign Management empower marketers to test emails as they build without switching between tools, saving time and streamlining process for email production and testing.

When your team runs an average of 50 email campaigns each month reaching over two million subscribers, improving workflow without sacrificing quality can seem like a daunting task. But that’s just what one large vision service provider in the US recently did. The company built a true design system with reusable snippets, partials, and templates to boost productivity while maintaining brand consistency.

Thanks to the collaboration with Litmus and Oracle Eloqua, their team now saves over 100 hours a month on email creation and has streamlined their overall email marketing workflow by eliminating the manual, time-consuming, and error-prone process of copying and pasting code.

Feel confident about the quality of your customer data

LoqateWe’re pleased to partner with Loqate as part of our data verification and enrichment solutions, including Oracle Address, Phone, and Email Verification, which enable customers to verify, standardize, and enrich contact records in real time from any country or territory in the world.

Loqate’s capabilities are available in many Oracle Advertising and CX applications, including Oracle Sales, Oracle Service, Oracle Unity Customer Data Platform, and Oracle Customer Data Management.

A global Point of Sale (POS) and ATM software provider struggled with entering customer data in their Master Data Management (MDM) system from multiple sources, in varying formats, and at times, in different languages. As the data being collected continued to grow, so did the risk of duplicate profiles, failed deliveries, and unsatisfied customers.

The company employed Oracle Address, Phone, and Email Verification, powered by Loqate, to authenticate and standardize global address data, ensuring that only standardized and complete contact information was entered. Thanks to such comprehensive global coverage, their ability to match address and contact information improved by nearly 90%.

Make your data “pop” and “flow” to deliver stellar customer service

OpenMethodsEnabling the agile and omnichannel contact center for more than a decade, OpenMethods’ Harmony and PopFlow products integrate with the Oracle Advertising and CX application suite to help our joint customers offer great customer service and quality customer experiences.

Harmony seamlessly integrates telephony and interaction platforms with Oracle B2B Service to allow agents to handle voice, chat, email, and other interactions directly within the Oracle agent UI. And PopFlow enables clients to easily deploy complex integrations between Oracle and other existing applications.

One large consumer, industrial, and healthcare company needed to migrate to the Oracle Browser UI in Oracle Service, but with many custom integrations, fields, business rules, add-ins, and workflows in place, planning for such a task was a bit challenging.

By working closely with Oracle and OpenMethods, the company leveraged PopFlow to accelerate the migration, resulting in a faster and better overall experience for both users and administrators. PopFlow allowed the company to automate hundreds to thousands of lines of code and to use a simple drag-and-drop visual designer to design, develop, test, and deploy integrations—often in a matter of minutes.

Drive real-time customer loyalty anytime, anywhere

Movable InkThanks to our partnership with Movable Ink, the recipient of this year’s Visionary Award for CX ISV Partner of the Year, users of Oracle Responsys and Oracle Eloqua can generate personalized content for every customer across email and mobile campaigns at the moment of engagement. Each time someone opens an email, the message reflects the most up-to-date content, ensuring the most personalized experience for each customer.

Movable Ink also integrates with Oracle Commerce and Oracle CrowdTwist Loyalty and Engagement, allowing brands to pull product details, live inventory, recommendations, and customer loyalty details into an email in real time.

After a leading manufacturer of blenders and mixers experienced a decline in email engagement, they decided to change their strategy and refocus their marketing efforts on retention.

With the help of Oracle CrowdTwist, the company launched a new rewards program and turned to Movable Ink to power personalized and engaging loyalty email campaigns for their customers. In one year, they realized 20,000 customer loyalty program pre-registrants, 80,000 loyalty program members, and 18,000 loyalty program purchases.


There’s so much more to share about the finalists and winners of the 15th annual Markie Awards in the upcoming posts in this series. Bookmark the Customer Success Stories category of the Customer Experience blog and check back regularly for updates.

In the meantime, learn more about the Visionary Award for CX ISV Partner of the Year and the other 13 award categories at the Markie Awards website.

Stephen Fioretti

VP, Strategic Software Partnerships, Oracle Advertising and CX

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