Markies Mondays: How 3 SMBs used data insights to offer a better customer experience

October 25, 2021 | 3 minute read
Carrie Leader
Principal Product Manager, Oracle
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Markie AwardsWelcome back to Markies Mondays, a blog series where we highlight the finalists and winners of Oracle's 15th annual Markie Awards. With each post, we’ll share how Oracle Advertising and CX customers are building their brand and delivering exceptional customer experiences—from acquisition to retention—and everything in between.

Measuring performance can sometimes be difficult for small and mid-sized businesses (SMB). Tracking metrics like conversion rates, traffic, number of subscribers, and customer loyalty can be a daunting task. Despite these challenges, however, SMBs are turning to data to find new ways to deliver personalized content and improve the customer experience.

The Insight Award for Best Use of Data – SMB celebrates companies who used data in new and creative ways with extraordinary results. Let’s look at how these teams were able to connect with customers, create better relationships with them, and deliver value—to both their customers and their business—through an innovative use of data.

Stay connected and keep moving forward during uncertain times

When the pandemic led to the worldwide shutdown of universities, storefronts, and travel, Victoria University realized they had to get creative. For universities, events have historically been the standard means of introducing prospective students to campus. Due to the pandemic, however, they had to find new ways to show off their campus and connect with new and prospective students.

With partners Marketing Cube and HardHat, Victoria designed a new digital experience by integrating Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation with Oracle Sales and Oracle B2C Service to host a live online event customized for prospective students using real-time data. The results: The university saw a 17% increase in attendance and an 84% increase in the attendance to application rate. This digital approach shows just how effective and powerful data can be at helping us pivot and keeping us connected in a new remote world.

Create instant engagement and build a better customer experience

A commercial banking company previously relied on disjointed systems to engage with their customers. They were looking for new ways to support customer growth and create a personalized banking journey for each client.

In partnership with Oracle Consulting Services, the bank turned to Oracle Responsys Campaign Management, Oracle Infinity Behavioral Intelligence, and Oracle BlueKai Data Management Platform for a solution. With these tools in place, the company now has visibility and customer engagement throughout the entire banking process. From the time a customer clicks on an ad, the bank gains insight that enables them to provide relevant information and communicate quickly and effectively when customers have online questions. Incorporating personalized calls and messages into their strategy has also allowed them to create the customer relationships they once lacked.

Inspire customer loyalty and increase sales in the face of change

Retail brands are constantly trying to invent new ways to reach a larger audience, keep customers engaged, and build brand loyalty. When fashion retail brand Youcom had to close its doors due to the pandemic, the company needed a way to connect with its customers at home. Working closely with partner PMWeb, Youcom used Oracle Responsys Campaign Management to create relevant, personalized campaigns for both email and SMS.

Youcom sales consultants were able to use customer and behavior data to personalize and share messages and content with their clients. Providing such tailored, relevant information allowed them to not only build customer loyalty but also create higher conversion rates. Email marketing campaigns accounted for 6% of all ecommerce revenue, and revenue per email (RPE) increased by 15%, proving success is still achievable during challenging times with the right tools and customer intelligence at your fingertips.


We can’t wait to share more of the great things the finalists and winners of the 15th annual Markie Awards are doing to improve customer experience. Bookmark the Customer Success Stories category of the Customer Experience blog and check back regularly for updates.

In the meantime, learn more about the Insight Award for Best Use of Data - SMB and the other 13 award categories on the Markie Awards website.

Carrie Leader

Principal Product Manager, Oracle

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