Markies Monday: 5 Software Innovators Helping Companies Achieve Great CX

December 14, 2020 | 4 minute read
Stephen Fioretti
VP, Strategic Software Partnerships, Oracle Advertising and CX
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We’re back with the next installment of Markies Monday, a weekly blog series designed to help you learn more about the 2020 Oracle Markie Awards and its categories, finalists, and winners. Make sure to check back each week to learn how Oracle Advertising and CX customers and partners are driving success and building customer relationships that last.

The inaugural Visionary CX ISV Partner of the Year Award celebrates CX ISV partners that develop the most innovative application or technology to complement Oracle CX and transform the customer experience.

Let’s look at how the five finalists and winner delivered innovative solutions to a wide variety of companies.

Message me—anytime, anywhere

The first CX ISV finalist, Conversocial, provides a customer experience platform for messaging and social media engagement across the customer journey. The business is integrated with a robust roster of messaging platforms, including Messenger, Instagram messages, WeChat, WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, Google Business Messages, and SMS.

Conversocial powers messaging customer engagement for a diverse set of brands, including a leading Latin American low-cost airline, who moved away from traditional channels like phone and email and over to popular and cost-effective messaging channels for their customers. This resulted in over 81% of all inbound customer conversations being conducted via messaging. The airline saw:

  • 3.6x year-over-year growth in traffic through messaging
  • 29% reduction in case handle time
  • Over 78% of conversations handled by automated bot interactions, with contact center agents only needing to handle 22% of conversations directly.

Create personalized moments that matter

Movable Ink, another Markie finalist, activates any data into real-time, personalized content in any customer touchpoint. A leading low-cost airline faced a common challenge in the travel industry: They needed fares in their email campaigns to accurately reflect up-to-date fares on their website, as fares constantly change. The airline partnered with Movable Ink, Oracle, and EveryMundo (a fare marketing platform) to create a personalized campaign with real-time pricing.

Working with Movable Ink as the content provider, this airline tapped into EveryMundo’s API to serve their customers up to three destinations sorted by the lowest prices based on each customer’s home origin data and integrated this with Oracle Responsys Campaign Management.

All this information is served at the moment of open, and consumers see relevant and accurate fares and flights. They enhanced their overall customer experience, streamlined email production, and increased conversion rates by 99%.

Deliver on the vision of omnichannel customer service

Five9, another finalist for the CX ISV of the Year award, is a leading provider of cloud contact centers. They provide a complementary telephony or voice channel to many of Oracle’s CX customers. A leading home care products manufacturing company was using an on-premise telephony system that couldn’t offer self-service IVR or SMS to customers, and integration with Oracle CX was costly and inefficient. The manufacturer deployed Five9 as a cloud telephony solution along with Oracle Service, and it resulted in an effective inbound, outbound, and blended agent contact center.

Together with Oracle CX Service, they successfully deployed an omnichannel offering including social, chat, email, phone, and SMS. As a result, the manufacturer’s customer and agent satisfaction has increased, call handle times have reduced, and NPS have been positively influenced.

Visualize your way to better CX

Another finalist for the Markie award, Atlatl, provides an augmented reality and visual product configuration platform with Oracle Configure, Price, Quote and Oracle Commerce. Oracle and Atlatl worked with a leading provider of infrastructure solutions for data centers and communication networks who was bringing a new product to market. They required a leading-edge sales platform, which surfaced the need for visual configuration technology. They also wanted to sell ‘solutions’ that drove customers to visually see how a product group fit together, ideally resulting in higher-value purchases.

Today, the manufacturer’s goal is to continue to increase sales and optimize product fulfillment, gain a much-improved customer experience, and realize overall greater efficiency and accuracy in their sales process.

Deliver content in a way your customers want to consume it

This year’s winner of CX ISV of the Year is PathFactory. Their Intelligent Content Platform tells marketers exactly which content and channels are producing the highest-quality engagement, which prospects are ready to buy, and which customers are likely to be retained or upsold.

A media conglomerate who worked with them approached demand generation in a very traditional way: landing pages, long forms, and “one and done” PDF assets. They couldn’t track how prospects were engaging with content and which assets were resonating. They also needed to improve the onboarding process for their legal information products.

With help from PathFactory and Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation, they flipped traditional B2B marketing tactics on their head, giving prospects freedom to consume content the way they would in their consumer lives. They’re now able to identify the most engaged buyers and use data to gain insight into assets the prospect engages with most frequently.

Overall, the company increased MQL conversion rates and binge rates (the percentage of people consuming more than one content asset in a single session) for their prospects. For the new customer onboarding process, they reduced emails from 12+ to two, streamlined the self-service onboarding journey, and increased email open rates.

Want to learn more about these Markie Award finalists and winner? Visit our website to discover more about them and how you can enter the Markie Awards next year.

This content was originally published at SmarterCX by Oracle. It has been adapted for the Customer Experience Blog.

Stephen Fioretti

VP, Strategic Software Partnerships, Oracle Advertising and CX

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