Markies Monday: 3 Benefits of Leveraging Automation to Better Serve Your Customers and Improve ROI

November 30, 2020 | 3 minute read
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Welcome back to Markies Monday, a weekly blog series designed to help you learn more about the 2020 Markie Awards categories, finalists, and winners. Be sure to check back each week to learn how Oracle Advertising and CX customers drive success and build customer relationships that last.

The Upshot Award for Best Demonstrated ROI in Service honors those who keep a watchful eye on performance and put analytics insights to work in their customer service experiences—realizing major ROI in the process. This year, the Upshot Award winner and a finalist both found opportunities to leverage automation to improve their customer service and marketing offerings.

Read on about the remarkable benefits and ROI they achieved as a result of their automation initiatives, and what you can learn from the finalists.

Offer customer service anytime

2020 Upshot Award winner Insight Enterprises, a leading provider of computer hardware, software, and cloud solutions, is always at the forefront of digital innovation. Insight wanted to automate part of its service strategy to help deflect simple and repetitive chat inquiries from current and prospective clients.

With partner Apex IT, Insight implemented a combination of Oracle Service chat and a digital assistant on its portal in only a matter of weeks. By leveraging the digital assistant to automate responses to common customer inquiries, Insight is now able to offer instant service at the point of need—efficiently responding to clients, helping exceed their expectations, and freeing up agents to handle high-value activities.

Scale customer service

In addition to offering service anytime, the automation solution enables Insight to scale. Insight now provides service both real-time with the chatbot, as well as personalized service with their incredible agents using live chat. In 2019, the digital assistant deflected 47% of inquiries to the knowledge base on Insight’s customer portal, giving agents more time to provide star service where it’s most needed—assisting clients with more complex inquiries, including lead- and revenue-generating activities and conversations.

The company converted thousands of leads through the digital assistant. Insight builds meaningful connections with its clients on their preferred channel through this successful balance between self-service and assisted service, helping them achieve an impressive return on their investment.

Using analytics from the digital assistant dashboard, Insight is able to understand and predict the most frequent customer inquiries so they can automate and deflect those conversations even more. Next, Insight will be focusing on automating questions about order status, a common area of inquiry for many businesses.

Drive new business opportunities and increase revenue

Finalist Deloitte Brazil leverages automation in a different way, using Oracle B2B Marketing—specifically Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation—to orchestrate effective B2B marketing campaigns. As the largest professional services company in the world, Deloitte delivers several service lines to the market. Its challenge was to communicate to and generate new business opportunities from a very broad target audience of organizations across all market segments. In 2019, with support from partner Betasquad, Deloitte Brazil leveraged Oracle Eloqua to better orchestrate teams and processes.

Deloitte Brazil focused on lead generation as a common goal and integrated their CRM to gain a better view of the customer journey and strengthen lead qualification capacity. As a result, Deloitte Brazil:

  • Leveraged Oracle Eloqua to send more than 1.7 million emails with an impressive open rate of 36.8% and an unsubscribe rate of 0.08%.
  • Increased leads, compared to the year prior, from contacts registered in Oracle Eloqua by almost 20%.
  • Generated three times more revenue by leads captured in Oracle Eloqua, and the financial return generated by leads captured via Oracle Eloqua was 240 times greater than the amount invested in the platform license and the consulting vendor.

Want to learn more about the Markie Award finalists and winners? Visit our website to discover more about them and how you can enter next year.

This content was originally published at SmarterCX by Oracle. It has been adapted for the Customer Experience Blog.

Karen Rihs

Karen Rihs is the Customer Advocacy Lead for Oracle Service and Field Service. Although she lives in New York, she’s still an Oregonian at heart. She loves collaborating with Oracle customers to capture their stories and showcase their success and innovations. She’s a fan of British television and belly laughs every day at the antics of her cats, Scooter and Lulu.

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