Why you should submit a nomination for the 16th annual Markie Awards by June 17

May 23, 2022 | 5 minute read
Michael McNichols
Senior Content Manager
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TL;DR: Celebrate your hard work in customer experience (CX) by submitting a nomination for the 16th Annual Markie Awards.


Despite difficulties, CX professionals thrive

The global pandemic changed how we go about creating customer experiences (CX) forever. The old rules of B2B and B2C marketing went out the window.

For years, B2B and B2C have been converging. The pandemic sped that trend up. Younger generations now have the buying power. They expect more from the technologies they invest in and the experiences brands provide. 

What do they want?

In short, they desire experiences that delight and intrigue.

Celebrate your achievements across CX

Customers have become fickle. If you don’t deliver what they want at speed, they move on to a competitor. CX experience makers embraced the challenge.

You took a close look at how you and your teams run your campaigns, your platforms, messaging, and technology.

What innovations did you achieve in the past year? How did you satisfy your customers and provide the solutions they needed?

We want to know all about it and celebrate it.

For your hard work and fine craftsmanship, we think you deserve praise and recognition.

You should take the chance to earn a chance in the spotlight.


You can submit a nomination for the 16th annual Markie Awards.

Celebrate CX at the 16th annual Markies

What are the Markie Awards?

Over the years, the Markie Awards have evolved to support the entirety of customer experience, recognizing success in:

Why advertising?

Because adtech and martech have been converging for years now.

A pleasing, seamless experience across channels requires a complete understanding of customers. The more channels and touchpoints, the more opportunities to gather data to create more relevant and personalized marketing.

Customers consume digital content on advertising channels, such as podcasts, video streaming, connected TV, and online gaming. These channels give marketers even more chances to engage customers with targeted messaging.

Bringing adtech and martech together lets you:

  • Optimize ad spending
  • Create a single view of customers
  • Simplify your technology stacks

So, why not give advertisers the same chance to win one of the most prestigious awards in CX?

Submit a nomination for the 16th annual Markies and find out the official rules for the event.

Also, check out our guide to submitting a compelling nomination.

Important information about the 16th annual Markie Awards

Candidates (customers or partners) can nominate their organizations or be nominated by other parties like partners or Oracle employees. The Markie Awards are global, so you can nominate an organization from almost anywhere in the world for their work from June 2021 to May 2022.

While you can only submit one nomination per category, you can nominate an organization for more than one category as long as the material is unique.

Though individuals submit nominations, the Markies celebrate the achievements of entire organizations and not just the individuals.

Companies of all sizes can win.

Winning means:

  • Building your organization’s brand
  • Seeing its name alongside other industry leaders
  • Highlighting your expertise

The nomination deadline runs through Friday, June 17, 5:00 p.m. PDT.

If everything works out and luck’s on our side, we’ll announce the winners at Oracle CloudWorld this October in Las Vegas.

There will be five finalists for each category but only one winner.

Sumbit a nominee for the 16th annual Markies to celebrate CX

Markie Award categories

The 16th Annual Markie Awards feature 15 different categories.

The customer award categories include the:

  • Visionary award for best overall digital or CX program
  • Strategist award for best use of data
  • Connector award for best use of ecosystem or cross-departmental solution
  • Thinker award for best CX innovation
  • Builder award for best global CX program
  • Orchestrator award for best-demonstrated ROI
  • Ally award for best engagement or customer loyalty program (Oracle CrowdTwist)
  • Originator award for best lead management (Oracle Eloqua)
  • Architect award for best use of advertising data
  • Innovator award for best-demonstrated sales ROI
  • Futurist award for perseverance in customer support challenges

The partner and agency award categories:

  • CX agency of the year
  • CX SI partner of the year
  • CX ISV partner of the year
  • CX partner collaboration of the year

What makes for a winning entry?

Every year, our judges receive HUNDREDS of submissions from across the globe. Winning entries:

  • Inspire, forge connections, change minds, and push boundaries
  • Tell a powerful story about how you succeeded during a challenging year
  • Showcase substance over style.

The best nominees call out specific metrics and demonstrate robust results. They use charts, graphs, and visuals to illustrate their performance.

Sum up the most important facts about your project or accomplishment into a three-page entry. Make sure you respond to every question in your submission and make the answers easy for the judges to understand.

Past recent winners have included:

  • Nordic media company Bonnier News
  • The city of Los Angeles
  • Movable Ink
  • Apex IT
  • Keurig Dr. Pepper

Looking for inspiration? Check out all of last year’s winners.

What is Oracle CloudWorld?

Oracle CloudWorld is the new global conference to celebrate our customers and partners. It will take place October 16-20 in Las Vegas.

Join us for product updates, roadmaps, and updates about:

Attend the Marketing Summit at Oracle CloudWorld for certification classes, exclusive training, and test-drive new Oracle Marketing features.

Learn lessons about using Oracle technologies from the people who built and developed them. Connect with peers and partners. Enjoy a night out with the industry’s elite.

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Submit a nomination for the Markie Awards

You have 25 days as of this posting. Don’t wait!

You deserve a round of applause and a chance to shine.

It’s no time for modesty, my friends. Take a victory lap. Celebrate your success.

Shout it from the rooftops!

You have until June 17th.

Check out our guide to submitting a compelling nomination.

Submit a nomination today.

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Senior Content Manager

Michael McNichols is a Senior Content Manager for Oracle Digital Marketing. He has over ten years of experience in professional writing and has been widely published.

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