Man and Machine - a Dualism Like Yin and Yang - and Other News

July 12, 2019 | 2 minute read
Anna Sabryan
Senior Product Manager
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Enjoy our weekly roundup of top news stories across the Customer Experience (CX) landscape.


Oracle CX Social Content:

  • How @OracleServCloud helped @Payoneer’s call center agents offer step-by-step instructions to help their #customers set up automatic payments from a virtual #retail #marketplace: #OSvC via @Forbes @BanksLouie
  • Transform your #eCommerce before you need to! Check out how @WebContinental competes in a rapidly-growing #market by @PedroLdeMartini
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Oracle CX in the News:

In The Philippines, Payoneer Helps Lift Rural Poor - Sasha Banks-Louie, Forbes, 7.9.19

  • Oracle Service Cloud helped Payoneer’s call center agents offer step-by-step instructions to help their customers set up automatic payments from a virtual retail marketplace.

Transform Your eCommerce Before You Need to: How WebContinental Competes in a Rapidly-Growing Market - Pedro Martini, Upshotstories, 6.27.19

  • After a careful analysis of the ecommerce landscape, and given the intention to expand operations outside the Brazilian market, WebContinental chose Oracle Commerce Cloud as their new platform.


Industry News:

Combine humans and bots for a winning customer service experience - Paul Selby, Customerthink, 7.10.19

  • Neither human agent nor chatbot is perfect on their own; each has benefits and shortcomings. Together, however, they offer a powerful customer service combination.

Man and machine: A dualism like Yin and Yang - Theindependentbd, 7.10.19

  • As AI moves beyond hype and becomes a worthwhile business asset, more and more companies know it’s a way to improve processes. But, rather than staff fearing for their jobs in this future, it’s an opportunity for them to upskill and help to get the best out of the technologies.


Anna Sabryan

Senior Product Manager

Experienced Social Media & Digital Marketing Professional


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