The latest innovations from Oracle Sales help sellers get back to selling

October 1, 2021 | 5 minute read
Annie Calfo
Product Marketing Manager, Oracle Advertising and CX
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Watch the replay of “How Organizations Help Sellers Get Back to Selling” to hear how virtual selling can help you create smarter, more intuitive experiences for both buyers and sellers.

Virtual selling is here to stay, and businesses are finally catching up with the trend. Since the pandemic, many have looked to digital technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), sales force automation, and customer relationship management (CRM) to improve the customer and seller experience. In fact, Forrester predicts “AI and automation will enable more than 60% of B2B sellers in 2021.”

But with sales teams still struggling to reach their quotas despite investments in digital transformation, sales leaders are often left scratching their heads. Why hasn’t the increase in technology helped organizations generate sales and reach business outcomes? The disconnect between CRM technology and seller success is simple: CRMs weren’t built with sellers in mind.

“Very few traditional CRM systems actually help sellers sell. They help them track their contacts, but they don’t do things that helps them get back to selling,” said Nate Skinner, Global SVP of Marketing for Oracle Advertising and CX, in a recent interview with MarTech. Traditional CRMs merely help sales managers track performance and set goals. While using a CRM to manage sales plans and performance isn’t bad, it is incomplete.

The future of CRM

Oracle is introducing a new era of automation that erases boundaries between marketing and sales in CRM systems and helps companies grow sales and revenue. Rob Tarkoff, Executive VP and GM of Oracle Advertising and CX, recently sat down with Oracle Chairman and CTO Larry Ellison to discuss this new future of CRM and share some of the latest innovations across advertising, sales, marketing, and customer service with experiences engineered to work together. Catch the highlights from their conversation in the video below.

The newest guided selling tools from Oracle Sales

One important innovation announced during the event was our next-generation Oracle Sales for virtual sellers. Built on the core tenets of our award-winning Redwood user experience (UX), these new capabilities simplify the sales process with an intuitive yet sophisticated CRM sellers actually want to use.

But it’s more than just a better-looking UI. This new seller experience puts virtual sellers at the center of the digital buying journey, equipping them with the most relevant customer data—wherever and whenever their buyer chooses to engage.

With a conversational interface that speaks like they do, customer data management is easier than ever for sellers. They can now search for, update, and enter data for their accounts, leads, and opportunities with just a few simple keystrokes or clicks. Recommended actions and clear performance data put sellers on the path to success and give sales managers the detailed guidance they need to coach their reps more effectively. 

Let's take a closer look at how our latest guided selling tools are designed to support today’s virtual sellers.

Conversational user experience 

When the technology thinks and speaks like they do, sellers spend less time sifting through systems and more time speaking with customers and closing deals—tasks that drive your bottom line. Built with Redwood UX and powered by AI, Oracle Sales’ conversational UX provides recommended actions and relevant information with simple commands. Rather than clicking around the CRM, sellers can now search, navigate, and even complete actions—like responding to a customer email or updating a lead score—just by typing a few letters on their keyboard. 

Oracle Sales conversational UX

Foldout view 

We’re putting a new spin on “customer 360” and moving away from the basic customer profiles you see in CRMs today with intuitive displays sellers can easily understand and use. We want to bring your data to life with the most relevant information and activity you need for all accounts, opportunities, and leads.

Unlike other CRM systems that rely heavily on dropdowns and hidden tabs, virtual sellers quickly get a glimpse of everything from upcoming activities to deal recommendations in a single, panel-style view. In this foldout view, sellers can also complete activities with a search function that anticipates your request and offers the next best action. 

Oracle Sales foldout view

Activity stream

In today’s digital age, we often rely on newsfeeds for information. Why should sales technology be any different? Each record now includes a unified activity stream that delivers a chronological log of interactions in a contextual thread. Don’t waste time searching through your inbox, calendar, and notes. Easily compose emails or make calls directly within your CRM without opening a new screen or picking up the phone. Thanks to the infusion of AI, the activity stream even provides recommendations—such as which lead to prioritize or what action to take—and can automatically schedule follow-up tasks, allowing sellers to get back to selling. 

Oracle Sales activity stream  

The activity stream’s contextual view also enables sales managers to see reps’ engagement touchpoints and help ensure that sales are progressing. And with high rep turnover, such comprehensive visibility also reduces virtual seller onboarding time by giving new reps a full history of all activity to date, so they can pick up right where the previous seller left off.  

Interactive sales performance dashboard

Sales managers and reps can also measure individual and team progress with a new interactive performance dashboard. Managers can create and track sales contests and challenges to motivate sellers to reach their goals faster, and reps can quickly see how they stack up against their peers. Reps can also gain insight into which tactics work for their teammates and pivot their approach to progress leads, close opportunities, and generate sales faster. 

Oracle Sales performance dashboard


To learn more about these innovations and all the latest updates across Oracle Advertising and CX, check out our latest Quarterly Update on Innovations for Advertising and Customer Experience.

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Annie Calfo

Product Marketing Manager, Oracle Advertising and CX

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