IDC MarketScape names Oracle a Leader in the Worldwide Customer Data Platforms Focused on Data and Marketing Operations Users 2022 Vendor Assessment

April 5, 2022 | 4 minute read
Jake Spencer
Principal Product Strategy Manager, Oracle Advertising and CX
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IDC MarketScape names Oracle a LeaderSee why IDC MarketScape named Oracle a Leader in the Worldwide Customer Data Platforms Focused on Data and Marketing Operations Users 2022 Vendor Assessment. Download the details today!

Customer experience (CX) is the great brand differentiator. A simple search on the internet yields thousands of articles, statistics, and studies concluding that great customer experiences lead to great business outcomes.

If you're a chief marketing officer, chief digital officer, or leading customer experience professional, however, you know developing a superior CX is much easier said than done. You don’t need to be a modern marketing miracle worker to deliver the right experience to the right person at the right time, but it’s imperative to have a current and rich understanding of what your customers value to successfully engage them. Gerry Murray, research director with IDC's marketing and sales technology service, notes that "customer experience is a top priority and ROI driver for leading brands, but it will only be as seamless as your enterprise customer data infrastructure allows."

Thanks to ever-changing customer expectations, a vast number of engagement channels, and increasing amounts of customer data, marketing in the moment across channels and across the organization can be a difficult task. But customer data platforms (CDPs) can help solve such customer experience challenges, and their impact is the focus of the recent IDC MarketScape report.

Let’s take a deeper look at the power of CDPs, the latest IDC MarketScape, and our view on how a CDP can support your CX efforts.

The rise of the customer data platform

The customer data platform isn’t brand new marketing technology by any means, but the attention and focus on how CDPs can help supercharge the marketing stack has never been higher. Why? As the pace of digital transformation accelerated, organizations focused on building comprehensive customer intelligence as the primary way to understand and engage their customers—wherever they may be.

In some companies, however, customer data is distributed across separate, disconnected systems and typically managed by different stakeholders. It’s nearly impossible to create a complete view of the customer and offer personalized, high-value experiences. Customer data platforms, however, break down those data silos and centralize the most valuable information to create unified, real-time customer profiles that can be used across the organization.

Leading CDPs, like Oracle Unity Customer Data Platform, offer that functionality and much more, including analytics, industry-specific data models, turn-key integration libraries, governance and privacy frameworks, ready-to-use intelligent attributes, and workbenches where data scientists can leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence to build predictive signals and improve targeting and personalization. These added capabilities enable CDPs to not only drive great customer experiences but also help businesses realize much more value from their customer data.

IDC MarketScape recognized Oracle as a Leader 

With the rapid growth and maturation in the CDP market over the past few years, more and more third-party evaluations have been released, helping buyers categorize the best approach for their specific business. IDC recently released its MarketScape for Worldwide Customer Data Platforms Focused on Data and Marketing Operations Users 2022 Vendor Assessment, one of the first major analyst reports to examine the market, and Oracle is proud to have been named a Leader for current capabilities and future vision.

In addition to the strengths IDC MarketScape noted for Oracle around support, globality, and security, we feel it’s also uniquely equipped to power customer experience by:

  • Creating robust profiles. Oracle Unity de-dupes vast amounts of imperfect data across the front- and back-office, resolving it to a single master profile that surfaces actionable insights. This isn’t limited to data about a customer; it’s flexible enough to work with any data object of the user’s choice, such as  target accounts for a B2B technology provider or specific cars for a leading automaker.
  • Applying an industry flavor. Oracle Unity offers flexible data models based on more than 44 years of modeling data for industries. Models are pre-built, industry-standard, and enterprise-grade, and they cater to all industries of choice.
  • Working across a complete B2B and B2C CX stack. Oracle’s best-in-class marketing and CX application services natively integrate with Oracle Unity and extend audience activation and experiences across channels like web, commerce, mobile, email, text, in-app, loyalty, wallet, advertising, sales, and service.
  • Driving predictive intelligence. Oracle Unity offers a flexible and growing model framework to gain insights, identify new opportunities, and optimize campaigns or audiences.
  • Offering security, performance, and scale. Being built on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure ensures the security, performance, and scalability you’ve come to expect from Oracle.

But this isn’t our finish line. With more than four decades of experience in helping customers deliver data-driven results, we feel uniquely positioned to continue to be a Leader in this category.

Additional Resources

Download the excerpt to learn more about why IDC MarketScape named Oracle a Leader in the Worldwide Customer Data Platforms Focused on Data and Marketing Operations Users 2022 Vendor Assessment (Doc #US48858321, March 2022).

Score your organization’s customer data strategy with our CX data excellence self-assessment.

To see Oracle Unity Customer Data Platform (CDP) in action, walk through the brief interactive demo below.

Oracle Unity Customer Data Platform interactive demo

Jake Spencer

Principal Product Strategy Manager, Oracle Advertising and CX

Jake Spencer is a principal product strategy manager at Oracle. He has spent the majority of his career working for enterprise technology brands like SanDisk and Talend in all aspects of branding, digital marketing, and web analytics. At Oracle, Jake helps manage product communications, solution building, storytelling, and enablement for the Oracle Unity Customer Data Platform, Oracle Audience Segmentation, and other CX products.

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