How Oracle Sales is Transforming the Seller Experience

February 24, 2021 | 3 minute read
Douglas Wise
Product Marketing Manager, Oracle CX
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In a recent study, Beagle Research discovered that 86% of sellers are frustrated by certain elements of their job. They’re struggling with conventional CRM systems and sales tools because they no longer meet today’s digital demands.

Let’s take a closer look at the problems created by traditional CRMs, Oracle’s approach to solving the market challenges, and how Oracle is currently executing.

Yesteryear’s CRM isn’t doing the job anymore

Developers have traditionally designed CRMs to help sales managers forecast better, not sell more. They burden sellers with continuous manual data entry, resulting in low CRM adoption. But we believe these tools should help make your job easier, not create more work.

During the Oracle Cloud CX Virtual Summit on the Future of CX, Oracle’s Chairman of the Board and Chief Technology Officer, Larry Ellison, discussed Oracle’s CX strategy and how we’re redesigning customer relationship management (CRM) systems to help sellers sell more:

“Sales automation should help you sell more, not just forecast better. That’s a fundamental distinction between first-generation sales automation and second-generation.”

Oracle Sales is committed to transforming the seller experience

We want to make selling easier and more accessible by connecting reps with the information and tools to drive revenue. And to share how we can help, we introduced a new quarterly update program highlighting the latest innovations from Oracle Advertising and CX. This quarter, Oracle Sales showcased its new adaptive search, favorites, workspace infolets, and mobile digital assistant innovations.

Adaptive search helps sellers find what they need faster. It features a high-performance, global search across CRM, CPQ, and ERP systems. Favorites allow sellers to focus on what matters most by quickly and easily tagging their favorite records, such as accounts, contacts, or opportunities. Additionally, we’ve extended workspace infolets to the CX Sales homepage so sellers can take quick actions from their sales dashboard to move more deals forward faster.

We know that sellers are working well beyond the boundaries of their desks. Beagle Research reported that 30% of sellers have worked from their bathroom and 11% from the shower! While the shower may not be my preferred work location, the point is that sellers are always on and require access to sales intelligence from anywhere. And they need their mobile CRM application to show them more than just sales projections.

We’re helping sellers by providing them with their very own mobile digital assistant. The conversational UX of the Digital Assistant for CX Sales Mobile makes it easy to log meeting notes, access daily sales briefs, and complete other tasks using natural voice or text commands.

CX Sales Mobile in action

I recently spoke with Arjun Chawla, an Oracle CX account manager, about his experience using the Oracle CX Sales Mobile app. Not only does Arjun sell Oracle Sales applications, but he also uses Oracle applications daily.

Arjun talked about how our mobile application is an essential tool that helps him navigate his day. As a seller, he says he “finds himself working all the time,” which is relatively common among sellers. But the accessibility of the new mobile app allows him to stay connected and work efficiently no matter where he is.

“The conversational UX just feels natural,” he said. “I can pull out my phone wherever I am and take notes or update CRM records on the go.”

The road ahead for Oracle Sales

Creating the next-generation CRM begins with crafting personalized seller experiences at scale. I invite you to read more about our February 2021 innovations and stay tuned to future Oracle Advertising and CX innovation announcements at

Click here to get your copy of the Beagle Research report, “Getting Past the Breaking Point of Yesterday’s CRM.”

Douglas Wise

Product Marketing Manager, Oracle CX

Product Marketing Manager, Oracle CX

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