How Oracle Drives Customer Success Into the Cloud

March 9, 2021 | 3 minute read
Eric Gsellmeier
Director of Strategy and Business Development
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For years, technology has relied on the “on-premise” model, where customers host and maintain their own application infrastructure. But with the increased adoption of cloud-hosted applications, customers and vendors alike are now embracing and enjoying the benefits the cloud provides.

Let’s take a closer look at those benefits, as well as how Oracle’s approach to implementation helps prepare our customers for a smooth transition.

Top benefits of the cloud

Years ago, there was serious debate about whether the cloud was a viable alternative to on-premise technology, but that’s no longer the case. Through its direct and indirect benefits, the cloud is not only considered a viable option; it’s also the preferred option across all industries and in many use cases.

According to Nucleus Research, a global provider of ROI-focused technology research and advisory services, a recent study showed cloud deployments deliver 4x the ROI compared to on-premise deployments, and customers recovered their initial investments 2.5x faster.

Additional benefits include:

  • Relatively lower cost to customers (and no up-front capital costs for hardware).
  • Reduced demands on IT staff.
  • Ease of upgrades and maintenance.

The last point is particularly important, as moving to a cloud environment has also brought a transformative shift to application development in general. With on-premise applications, maintenance and upgrades are labor-intensive for both the customer and vendor, and as a result, major product updates may only be released once a year or even less often.   

By shifting to the cloud, responsibility for maintaining and upgrading an application typically falls to the application vendor, which opens the door for innovation. Vendors can more easily ensure their customers are on the same software version, provide a streamlined upgrade process, and increase the frequency of major product updates.

We deliver four major updates each year for Oracle’s Permitting and Licensing solution, as well as our other cloud applications. Read more about our latest product updates to Permitting and Licensing.

Agile implementation approach

For our Permitting and Licensing product, Oracle Consulting Services (OCS) utilizes an Agile approach that follows our True Cloud Method Plus (TCM+) methodology. This combines the benefits of Agile with the flexibility and collaboration of the cloud. It empowers our customers to shift their mindset to be successful in the cloud and maximize their benefits.

Our TCM+ approach brings people, process, and technology together to propel our customers into the future by fostering collaboration and innovation. Through partnership with OCS, during the implementation, and after go-live, our customers learn the skills needed to maintain and innovate in the cloud. That way they’re set up for immediate and future success.

Trusted industry experience

While it’s great to talk about approaches and skills, your implementation partner’s experience may be the most critical factor in your success with moving to the cloud. Here’s a brief overview of the OCS experience:

  • We have more than 1,100 consultants, all of whom are Oracle Cloud Certified.
  • We’ve delivered more than 2,800 cloud application projects.
  • On average, customers have reported a 92% customer satisfaction rating.

Oracle is proud to drive the success of our customers during their journey to the cloud, and we can help you do the same. Whether this is your first foray into the cloud or you’ve already started your journey, you can assess your organization’s readiness using our Cloud-Readiness tool.

Take your government organization to new heights

Modern cloud technology solutions can help public-sector organizations overcome many of the challenges they face. By migrating to the cloud with Oracle Permitting and Licensing, organizations can embrace innovation and push the limits of what their employees and constituents have come to expect from their government. We’re excited to be able to partner with government organizations on their journey to the cloud.

Discover more about Oracle Permitting and Licensing here.

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Eric Gsellmeier

Director of Strategy and Business Development

Eric Gsellmeier is Oracle's Director of Strategy and Business Development for the Oracle Permitting and Licensing (OPAL) solution. With 15+ years experience working for and partnering with public sector organizations, Mr. Gsellmeier partners with government organizations to realize the greatest value from their technology investments, and in-turn better serve their constituents. In his current role, Mr. Gsellmeier contributes to many facets of the OPAL business including increasing market awareness through various programs (webinars, marketing campaigns, etc.), representing the OPAL solution at industry conferences, creating internal and external-facing content, delivering training and enablement, meeting with customers and demoing the solution, creating a partner ecosystem, and liaising with internal teams on customer and industry needs. Mr. Gsellmeier writes about the OPAL solution and the industry, which you can find here.

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