Getting started with Oracle Fusion Help Desk Extensions in Redwood

April 20, 2023 | 1 minute read
Edson Ferreira Da Silva Junior
Senior Product Development Manager
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Hi there,

I had the pleasure of sharing with some of our community members the fundamental understanding or prerequisite knowledge you need before getting started with Oracle Fusion Help Desk extensibility in Redwood. The presentation serves as the foundation upon which further learning is built. 

A strong baseline knowledge is essential for mastering complex subjects we will provide later through our community and blog posts.

I have recorded video of this presentation and am making it available here, so others who couldn't join us can gain the same fundamental understanding.

The below video is available in Oracle VideoHub, and it requires login. More videos are available there.

Below are some of the links mentioned in this video:

  1. Set VB Studio Extend Oracle Cloud Applications 
  2. Visual Builder Studio Basics

I hope it helps


Edson Ferreira Da Silva Junior

Senior Product Development Manager

I've been working in the software and consulting industry for more than 14 years, ultimately gaining experience in B2B sales, software development, project implementation management, enterprise architecture and solve-problem at a variety level.

My passion for helping people and for understanding how to overcome their problems made me an enthusiast for customer experience matters. I am dedicating my career to implement software that supports companies to provide a better customer experience.

Currently, I am responsible for Manage Oracle Service Cloud for South American customers, and as part of a Product Management Team, I act as a central resource and driving force for the design, process, manufacturing, test, quality, and marketing as they move from conception to distribution.

If you believe that I can be of help or advisor in CX, please get in touch or connect.

My capabilities: Oracle Service Cloud, Siebel CRM, Enterprise Architecture, Project Management, Implementation Methodology, Software Design, Pre-Sales, Cloud Architecture, Hybrid Architecture, and OnPrimese Architecture. Programmer Skill (Python, PHP, C#, JavaScript, TypeScript, and HTML).

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