Generative AI is changing Customer Experience (CX) for good (and for the better)

November 8, 2023 | 4 minute read
Rick Shimko
Product Marketing Director
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As this year unfolds, it’s abundantly clear that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken center stage in discussions about CX. This massive leap in technology, with a flood of product innovations, fresh ideas, and inspiring successes gives us all an invigorated sense of excitement for the future. This excitement isn't just about the solutions we're crafting to enhance customer experiences, but also about the evolving landscape of customer-facing roles.

Watch: How Generative AI Will Change Customer Experiences Forever

Generative AI has arrived, and the future of CX will never be the same again. A generational leap in technology is redefining the purpose, role, and work of marketing, sales, and service teams. Join us for an immersive live webinar where you'll explore the new reality of generative AI, delve into Oracle CX's vision for the future and discover the powerful generative AI capabilities within the Oracle CX portfolio.

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Embracing machines to relieve the burden

I’m a believer that 2023 will be remembered as the year when our relationship with technology underwent a profound transformation. Today, Large Language Models (LLMs) are granting us human-like capabilities. They can generate text that's free from biases when guided correctly, and they're improving each week, with fewer hallucinations. LLMs can also craft empathetic narratives that resonate with the human experience, create stunning visual art based on verbal cues, propose code changes, or even generate code to solve intricate business challenges. They can communicate fluently and understand dialects in real time over video, among other remarkable feats.

This is where the "for the better" part comes into focus. These capabilities empower CX professionals in marketing, sales, and service to automate many of the repetitive, low-value, time-consuming tasks they've been saddled with. Instead, they can focus on strategic initiatives that drive growth and elevate the way their customers interact with their brand. Consider the following transformations:

  • Marketers will no longer be bogged down by repetitive tasks like composing email copy, subject lines, and page headers.
  • Sales professionals will channel their energy into closing deals instead of valueless forecast calls.
  • Service agents won't have to wade through endless call logs and knowledge articles to create concise summaries.
  • Manual scheduling and disjointed supply chains will no longer hinder mission-critical field service experts from reaching customers and machines promptly.

The next generation of CX professionals won't settle for the status quo. They will possess unique skills to harness technology, significantly boosting their productivity, making a measurable impact, and evolving into creative and dynamic business leaders of the future.

Future CX will be a symphony of human leadership and machine curation

To truly leverage the power of Generative AI for meaningful change, we must go beyond merely establishing trust, as some of our competitors have emphasized. Trust is essential, and Oracle has always upheld this principle, but the landscape is evolving rapidly.

Our objective is to assist CX teams in preparing for the complex challenges ahead—addressing end-to-end transformation, automation strategies, team organization, and delivering optimal experiences for customers and employees.

Recently, we unveiled new products and innovations designed to allow machines to step in where it makes the most sense. Our entire portfolio now incorporates AI capabilities that free teams from time-consuming manual tasks, unlocking valuable content, recommendations, and insights through automation and conversational interfaces. Here are a few highlights from our recent product announcements:

The next five years: A journey begins

The "AI moment" of 2023 marks the start of a new era for customer experience. The pace of change will only accelerate, and we are committed to harnessing and enabling AI capabilities within our CX product portfolio to improve customer journeys and employee experience. Of course, there's much more to explore regarding infrastructure, data that fuels LLMs, and cost considerations between platform and best-of-breed tech stacks. We're here to help you on your journey! Stay tuned for more insights, ideas, and best practices from our team at Oracle as AI technology continues to advance.

Watch Rob Tarkoff, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Fusion Cloud Customer Experience (CX), as well as other Oracle thought-leaders in a deeper discussion on AI in CX.

Rick Shimko

Product Marketing Director

Rick Shimko is Product Marketing Director for Oracle Fusion Service and Oracle Field Service. He rejoined Oracle in November 2020 having previously worked for the company after the acquisition of TOA Technologies (now Oracle Field Service). Prior to the acquisition, he led the global marketing operations and demand generation team for TOA, building a strong knowledge and appreciation of the role service plays and the technology ecosystem that supports it. Rick resides in Cleveland, OH and has nearly two decades experience in B2B and SaaS software marketing across a diverse group of start-up, growth stage and enterprise companies.

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