4 marketing innovations that will supercharge your customer experiences

May 21, 2021 | 4 minute read
Holly Simmons
VP CX Product Management
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Great customer experiences don’t happen on their own. 76% of customers expect the companies they do business with to understand their needs.

Our latest innovations in data, content, and intelligence help marketers deliver more personalized experiences at scale. By connecting these capabilities, customers can receive personalized offers when and where they want. As marketers today are increasingly tasked to do more with less, it’s paramount their experience is easy, connected, and prescriptive.

Digital marketers need help to:

  • Leverage and continuously enhance customer data for micro-targeting.
  • Centralize and optimize content creation, collaboration, and delivery.
  • Automate personalization for real-time offers.
  • Make the best decisions regarding campaigns and channels.

Here are four highlights I’m thrilled to share from Oracle Marketing.

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Future-proof customer data

At the intersection of marketing, data, and content, top marketers can segment, target, and deliver messages and offers.

They’re leveraging robust customer data platforms (CDPs), like Oracle Unity, to manage customer profiles and intelligence using data from numerous channels across the customer lifecycle. With the elimination of 3rd party cookies and mobile advertising IDs, marketers are left with an immediate need to build robust 1st party profiles and uncover ways to supplement and grow those profiles over time.

Companies can leverage solutions including Oracle DataFox or Oracle Advertising to enrich account and contact information. Identity management and resolution help marketers to connect unknown data with known profiles to ensure master profiles are up to date.

Engage beyond a single purchase

In addition to data enrichment, marketers can also engage customers and prospects through loyalty programs. For example, Oracle CrowdTwist not only contains information about customer preferences, purchase history, status, or points as part of its loyalty programs, but it also enables marketers to collect new information about customers via profiles and surveys continuously. With this rich information, marketers can better segment and target customers with personalized programs.

I’m proud to share that Forrester recently named Oracle CrowdTwist a “Leader” in The Forrester Wave™: Loyalty Solutions, Q2 2021 among 14 loyalty solutions. Six CrowdTwist customers also recently made Newsweek and Statista’s list of America's Best Loyalty Programs of 2021. This recognition proves these solutions are instrumental in building comprehensive customer profiles and creating connected experiences that engage and nurture customers beyond a single transaction.

Streamline content creation

Data doesn’t work on its own. Content is key, yet it can be difficult for marketers to manage high volumes of content and videos for marketing campaigns. Today, with more focus on original and user-generated content, marketing teams are struggling to deliver consistent messaging across the entire customer journey. According to Gartner, marketing teams dedicate about 30% of their budgets to content creation.

Oracle Content Management’s advanced video creation and content management solutions enable marketers to deliver content for increased engagement easily. Our video creation capabilities provide the tools to create, edit, curate, and manage videos, scale their delivery across campaigns and channels, and reduce content creation costs.

Oracle Content Management

In addition, our blog creation wizard streamlines content creation processes and workflows with a step-by-step wizard, the new content calendar to improve planning and collaboration across teams, and scheduled publishing capabilities give marketers control over when and where a piece of content gets published. With an efficient content management solution, marketers can focus on maximizing the use of their existing content by incorporating it into other channels such as email, mobile, or web, and developing content on additional mediums such as video to reach audiences in more engaging ways.

Intelligence: Personalize and prescribe outcomes

Marketers are often bogged down by the need to iterate on existing campaigns. The cycle of analyzing and editing can be extremely tedious. They need a way to get predicted results to optimize and personalize before launch.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning tools enable marketers to:

  • Predict campaign and channel results.
  • Make informed decisions about the best content to deliver.
  • Determine optimal frequency and cadence for your target audience.
  • Develop lead scoring models without the need for manual tuning.

Successful personalization leverages data and content and requires intelligence to help marketers deliver relevant experiences in real time. Oracle Marketing provides marketers with the tools that predict and recommend relevant channels and offers that will achieve the best results for your audience.

To deliver the most compelling campaigns, the ability to react and iterate in real-time is crucial. Oracle’s latest innovations in intelligence enable marketers to determine the propensity for a customer to take a specific action on a site, as well as their readiness to buy. Additionally, marketers can understand the predicted outcomes of campaigns and programs before publishing, allowing you to send the most engaging campaigns and content to your audience from the start.

What’s next

By leveraging efficient, intelligent technology, marketers can quickly adapt to the evolving market conditions and deliver relevant, connected experiences for customers across the entire lifecycle. It’s time to evaluate how we’re using data, optimizing content, and adopting intelligence to create a more personalized experience for our customers.

These latest innovations help savvy marketers achieve that.

To learn more about the latest product enhancements and releases across Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience, visit oracle.com/cx/innovations.

Holly Simmons

VP CX Product Management

Holly Simmons is VP CX Product Management for Oracle.

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