Eliminating customer experience gaps with Oracle Unity Customer Data Platform integrations

March 16, 2022 | 4 minute read
Atif Zubair
Product Marketing Manager, Oracle
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How a focused data strategy powered by the right technology will help you get there

Most consumers today want more than great products at the right prices. They want to be seen, heard, and understood as individuals with unique needs and preferences. They seek emotionally rich brand experiences, and they’re often willing to forge bonds of loyalty, trust, and advocacy with those brands that get it right.

The truth is, there’s a way to create these emotional connections using data. When connected, sales histories, customer service calls, website interactions, and survey responses can form a remarkably accurate and comprehensive portrait of a person’s likes and wants, emotional state, willingness to purchase, privacy preferences, and more.

Too many data sources + multiple vendors + no data integration = unsatisfied customers

According to Deloitte, on average, companies use more than 16 technology applications for customer data, with an average of 25 different data sources for generating customer insights and engagement, which can create a tangled, complex web of data that rarely connects what matters.

Oracle Unity Customer Data Platform (CDP)Companies then face a range of complex challenges as they seek to connect, understand, and master data in ways that bring actionable customer insights and deliver better experiences for customers.

Many of the biggest challenges are organizational, as customer data is often siloed across business units or held by external marketing service providers and advertisement agencies. Simply knowing what system customer data resides in can be an issue.

The diversity of the technology used adds another layer of complexity, especially around integrating data into a single source of customer intelligence. Brands may have already implemented enterprise data warehouses or customer relationship management (CRM) solutions yet still lack the real-time insights needed to connect with new leads or engage with existing customers dynamically and appropriately.

The result: fragmented, unsatisfying, and even incoherent experiences for customers and missed opportunities for brands.

Score your organization’s customer data strategy with our CX data excellence self-assessment and learn how you can use a CDP to move forward on the path to CX data excellence.

Connecting the data that matters with Oracle Unity Customer Data Platform

It all starts with mastering your data— connecting and reconciling data across every touchpoint to build a single, unified profile of each customer and lead. That can’t be done at scale and in real time if your data is scattered across multiple unconnected systems.

Oracle Unity Customer Data PlatformThat’s where solutions like Oracle Unity Customer Data Platform come in. Our CDP is purpose-built to help marketers connect disparate first-, second- and third-party customer data across systems in real time to create a unified profile of each customer and glean insights using artificial intelligence and machine learning to enable intelligence and relevance across your customer experience systems. 

The relevance of personalized customer experiences is directly linked to the richness of your customer data profile. When you add AI and machine learning, you’re able to understand tremendous volumes of data and leverage AI to determine the next best step in your customer experience.  

Oracle Unity Customer Data Platform helps you create enriched unified customer profiles, run analytics, and provide recommendation for your customers. It pulls your data together and seamlessly enables it across your adtech and martech applications. This integration serves as the foundation to orchestrate a truly consistent connected brand experience for customers. It can also serve as a strategic enabler to achieve the type of long-term hyper-growth that the elevated experience makes possible. However, integration at this scale requires considerable development time, resources and continuous maintenance resulting in delayed time to market and operational cost.

Out-of-the-Box Integration Benefits

To simplify integration challenges, Oracle Unity Customer Data Platform facilitates integrations with your tech stack using out-of-the-box connectors for real-time data ingestion and real-time profile utilization.

These OOTB connectors improve faster time to value, save overhead of retaining diverse skilled resources, reduce development and maintenance cost by allowing seamless integrations with other applications for bidirectional data flow, in and out of Oracle Unity Customer Data Platform to deliver real-time personalized customer experience at scale.

Technology is constantly evolving to meet the growing needs of today’s customer. To support integration for constantly changing technology, Oracle Unity Customer Data Platform uses a rich set of REST APIs to give you the flexibility to create custom connectors on top of existing ones and build end-to-end automation across your tech stack.

Get started with Oracle Unity Customer Data Platform

For more information on Oracle Unity Customer Data Platform integration, explore the complete integration catalog

See why Oracle Unity Customer Data Platform was named a Strong Performer in The Forrester New Wave™: B2B Standalone CDPs, Q4 2021. Download your copy today!

To see Oracle Unity Customer Data Platform in action, walk through the brief interactive demo below.

Oracle Unity Interactive Demo


Atif Zubair

Product Marketing Manager, Oracle

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