Efficiency redefined: How Oracle Incentive Compensation raises the bar in performance

September 6, 2023 | 3 minute read
Jaideep Nair
Senior Principal Product Manager, Oracle
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Decades of dedicated research and development have been invested in harnessing Oracle's immensely scalable Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to process vast enterprise-level data volumes. This synergy results in the exceptional performance of Oracle Incentive Compensation.

Three key factors that establish Oracle Incentive Compensation as the premier solution

  1. Incremental processing: One reason that Oracle Incentive Compensation can handle massive volumes of data is because of its ability to do incremental processing. Most customers load data at regular intervals and then calculate the data when they load it. Oracle Incentive Compensation’s processing engines ensure that every time a customer loads data, only the incremental changes are processed. Calculation processes intelligently use results from older runs and improve efficiency by removing redundancy in processing. Besides figuring out what data needs to be processed, Oracle Incentive Compensation intelligently decides which formulas need to be recalculated for every run depending on how the formulas are configured. 
  2. Multi-threaded architecture: At the heart of Oracle Incentive Compensation's stellar performance lies the multi-threaded architecture provided by Oracle’s Fusion platform. By leveraging the power of Fusion’s multi-threading capability, Oracle Incentive Compensation can split the data to be processed across multiple threads and process them simultaneously across those threads, significantly reducing processing time. The data is split in such a way that for every process run, the most optimal use of the environment resources is made. This concurrent approach allows for a more efficient utilization of CPU resources, leading to faster compensation calculations and ensuring timely distribution of information as well as incentives to employees.  To give more information to the user while the process is running, machine learning capabilities can predict the time taken for processing by looking at older runs that are similar in profile.
  3. Leveraging Oracle Cloud: Oracle Incentive Compensation's utilization of the Oracle Autonomous Database, hosted on Oracle Exadata infrastructure, represents a groundbreaking shift. This amalgamation integrates highly scalable database servers into Oracle's comprehensive cloud solution. Coupled with the multi-threaded architecture of Oracle Incentive Compensation, this synergy guarantees that customers possess ample raw processing power to address even the most substantial enterprise demands.

Incentive Compensation processes are automatically partitioned and concurrently processed across all available Exadata processors. This dynamic framework enables Oracle to seamlessly introduce supplementary capacity as needed. Envision the advantages of transitioning effortlessly from a two-lane highway to a sprawling multi-lane expressway! The prowess of parallel processing capitalizes on Exadata's distributed computing might, capably managing large volumes of data and complex calculations with more efficiently.

Moreover, Oracle Incentive Compensation customers reap the rewards of our end-to-end ownership of the entire technological stack, encompassing the applications, middleware, database, and Exadata servers. This is a distinction no other vendor can lay claim to. As organizational processing demands expand, whether through organic growth or acquisitions, Oracle scales in tandem with the client. This additional processing capacity comes at no additional costs to the customer—an attribute that sets Oracle apart. Unlike other vendors, Oracle owns the applications, from top to bottom, enabling us to adeptly scale with an organization's growth, without compromising on performance. 

Harnessing excellence for incentive compensation management

In the world of compensation management, where accuracy, speed, and quick access to real-time information are paramount, Oracle Incentive Compensation excels in delivering timely and precise incentive calculations, as well as real-time access to calculation results. As businesses continue to embrace digital transformation, Oracle’s powerful incentive compensation management solution will undoubtedly play a vital role in motivating and retaining their top talent, contributing to their overall success and growth.

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Jaideep Nair

Senior Principal Product Manager, Oracle

Jaideep Nair is a Senior Principal Product Manager at Oracle, focused on the Oracle's incentive compensation solution. Prior to being a product manager, Jaideep spent more than a decade as a consultant implementing incentive compensation solutions for customers across various industries.

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