The digital evolution of field service: Take our self-assessment to see if you’re on the path to more outcome-centric service

April 11, 2022 | 4 minute read
Austin Belisle
Web Marketing Strategist, Oracle Advertising and CX
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Oracle Field ServiceField service is changing–fast. It’s becoming more remote, contactless, and intelligent, putting pressure on service organizations to adapt to meet their customers’ needs.

By embracing digital transformation, these businesses can maximize efficiency, deliver better customer experiences, reduce their cost to serve, and capture new, consistent revenue streams.

The shift to a digital-first approach doesn’t happen overnight, though. It requires you to align your entire service value chain on a new set of unified tools, processes, and data to support the change—a massive undertaking.

So, where should you begin?

Find out if you’re ready to adopt new field service models

Pivoting to product-as-a-service and outcome-based service models makes it easier for field service organizations to acquire new customers and grow existing accounts.

Take this brief self-assessment to score your organization’s current strategy and capabilities. Simply select your functional area and answer a few questions to visualize and benchmark your company’s approach to outcome-centric service.

Take our outcome-centric service assessment

The first step in making every customer interaction matter is understanding your field service organization’s current strengths and gaps. This tool can help you assess your business in the following categories:

Data unification: Can your teams tap into a broad base of up-to-date, relevant data on the asset, equipment, and customer to resolve issues?

Optimized service scheduling: Is your organization using schedule automation tools to reduce unproductive activities for technicians and dispatchers?

Field technician enablement: Does your organization preserve and share best practices so anecdotal learnings become community knowledge?

Collaboration: Can junior technicians and service workers draw from the knowledge of more experienced technicians on the job?

Onboarding: Can you easily onboard and send jobs to employees, subcontractors, and third-party service providers on their personal devices?

Customer experience: Do you give customers real-time visibility into service events, creating an experience like Uber and Lyft?

Unplanned activity scheduling: Can your teams automatically adjust schedules to respond to unexpected events without disrupting other customers?

Safety and compliance: Is safety a top priority for your organization? Do you send automated notifications, checklists, and forms to ensure protection and compliance?

Read more about how implementing innovative new technologies can help you simplify the increasing complexity of field service management.

Here’s an example of the type of feedback a field service leader could expect to receive from the tool:

Sample response from our outcome-centric service assessment

Steps for more outcome-centric service

By embracing digital transformation and focusing your field service approach on the customer, you can drive reliable service revenue for years to come. Here’s how your field service organization can achieve better margins and happier customers:

Match the right technician to the right job

Automatically assign and route your service teams based on service level agreements (SLAs), skills, location, availability, and individual performance patterns.

Upgrade your field team’s mobile tools

Enable service teams to share expertise, tools, parts, and knowledge articles while collaborating over voice, text, or video in-app.

Keep customers informed in real time

Consistently meet customer commitments and deliver timely automated communications.

Simplify the management of your hybrid workforce

Easily onboard and schedule jobs with third-party contractors so they can access the same powerful mobile capabilities as your in-house teams.

Connect parts, returns, orders, and billing

Get a complete view of operations and logistics with a fully integrated CRMfield service, and back-office service solution from Oracle.

Learn more about how Oracle Field Service can help you reach your goals

1. Explore Oracle Field Service and its AI-powered tools for routing, scheduling, and managing field service technicians.

2. See why we’re a leader in field service management, recognized by Gartner for the 10th straight year.

3. Take a tour of Oracle Field Service Management to see how you can start delivering efficient, on-time field service experiences for every customer.

Take a tour of Oracle Field Service Management

Austin Belisle

Web Marketing Strategist, Oracle Advertising and CX

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