The digital evolution of commerce: Take our self-assessment to see if you're on the path to self-service ecommerce

July 6, 2022 | 3 minute read
Ben Tarkoff
Product Marketing Analyst, Oracle Commerce
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Accelerated by the pandemic, the behaviors of today’s buyer exhibit little of the trademark characteristics B2B and B2C businesses have grown comfortable with. Faced with demands for a more personalized, self-service experience, merchants in the commerce space must find a platform with the ability to do everything they were doing before—and more.

By embracing a digital commerce platform that leaves room for flexibility and innovation, merchants can ensure payments are processed, orders are fulfilled, services are provisioned, and customer and order data is accurately captured and managed.

However, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither can your commerce strategy and solution be. Attaining this requires you to take stock of where your company’s commerce capabilities lie, looking to see where you can replicate the same storefront through digital channels.

So, where should you begin?

Find out if you’re ready to embrace a digital commerce solution

Pivoting to a digital commerce solution makes it easier to deliver the right products at the right time, wherever your customers are.

Take this brief self-assessment to score your organization’s current strategy and capabilities. Simply select your area and answer a few questions to visualize and benchmark your company’s approach to digital commerce.

Oracle's self-assessment to benchmark your approach to digital commerce


The first step in creating a tailored customer experience is understanding your organization’s strengths—and where there might be gaps. This tool can help you assess your business in the following categories:

  • Business User Tooling: Does your commerce solution offer a comprehensive portfolio of easy-to-use tools for all business users, regardless of technical knowledge?
  • SEO: How effective is your SEO strategy?
  • Search and Navigation: How effective is your search experience in guiding customers to their desired purchases?
  • Intelligent Recommendations: How effective is your product recommendation strategy?
  • Unified Customer Data: Is your customer data connected across CX, finance, and operations applications, helping you to better understand and serve your customers’ needs?
  • Custom Catalogs and Pricing: How much variability in pricing and catalogs can you support on your digital channels?Promotions: How effectively are you able to design and manage promotions strategies?
  • Loyalty Framework: Does your commerce solution foster customer loyalty with offers and promotions based on frequent purchase history?

Read more about what the new digital standard for B2B commerce means for your business.

Here’s an example of the type of feedback a head of ecommerce could expect to receive from the tool:

Oracle's self-assessment to benchmark your approach to digital commerce


Steps to pave the way for ecommerce excellence

The breadth of today’s tools indicates capacity for never-before-seen growth in the commerce/ecommerce space. Here’s how your organization can take advantage to better serve your customers:

Consolidate your technology

With a combined B2B and B2C solution, ensure you can meet B2C buyers and consumer experience-oriented B2B buyers all in one platform.

Empower customers with integrations

Deliver the self-service, personalized experiences your buyers crave with native integrations that help connect customer data with purchasing options, with or without a sales representative.

Deploy an agile solution

A commerce platform that embraces multiple types of storefront and deployment options can help you solve current challenges and prepare for future growth.

Understand your customer better

Advanced intelligence and machine learning capabilities inherent in your commerce platform can give you insight into buyer behavior and how to better serve them.

Give all users the same input

With intuitive tools that make your commerce platform accessible for IT and business users alike, you can allow all users access to create the ultimate commerce experience.

Learn more about how Oracle Commerce can help you achieve your goals

  1. Explore Oracle Commerce and its out-of-the-box tools that help you get online and selling faster.
  2. See why we’re a leader in the B2B commerce space, recognized by Forrester in Q2 2022.
  3. Take a tour of Oracle Commerce to see how you can start delivering personalized, self-service experiences for every customer.

Ben Tarkoff

Product Marketing Analyst, Oracle Commerce

Ben is a product marketing analyst for Oracle Commerce.

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