Customers and employees: Untapped resources for high-quality knowledge management content

May 16, 2022 | 3 minute read
Jodie Knox
Principal Product Manager, Knowledge Management
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Oracle Knowledge Management laptop userAny experienced knowledge manager will tell you; it requires the whole organization to effectively create and maintain great content that meets customer needs. There are simply never enough subject matter experts with time to write it.

But these days, you don’t need to rely solely on SMEs to put in all the work. Your customers and service agents are outstanding resources. With a little planning and a few simple strategies, you can use their expertise to help you create new content and refresh your knowledgebase.

Here’s how.

Ask for customer feedback

Adding a simple rating scale or thumbs up/thumbs down toggle on each knowledge article is a quick way to assess content quality and understand gaps in your knowledgebase.

Allowing customers to provide written feedback on articles gives you an even richer understanding of what they know about topics and the information they need. Customers who often engage with your content this way could make good contributors to the knowledgebase as well.

Let customers write knowledge articles

Speaking of knowledgeable and engaged customers, why not tap into the expertise of your user community? “Super users” often know more than agents because they have real-life experience with your product or service. They may have even solved the problem before and can share inside tips.

Allowing customers to contribute articles improves the quality of your knowledgebase, engages customers further, and reduces your authoring workload. Also, people tend to trust advice from their peers more than from authoritative sources.

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Turn community discussions into content

Harness the information gleaned from your community to create dynamic knowledge articles for your customer-facing service agents, self-help documents, and even chatbot scripts.

Readers will appreciate hearing how peers and experienced users have solved problems or found new ways to use your products or services.

Empower agents to generate knowledge

Giving agents the right knowledge does more than allow them to answer customer questions; it empowers them to become experts too.

During a customer interaction, it’s common for agents to become researcher, advocate, and problem-solver. If they didn’t already know the answer, they must find it. Make it easy for them to use this information to create additional content for the knowledgebase.

Give service agents a voice in knowledge management

Just like capturing customer feedback on knowledge articles, collect the same type of rich input from your agents. Let them rate answers, add details to an article, or suggest new content when their searches come up empty.

Giving agents a voice not only improves the quality of your knowledge answers, but it also helps build job satisfaction.

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Jodie Knox

Principal Product Manager, Knowledge Management

Jodie Knox is a member of the Oracle Outbound Product Management Team and with a focus on Oracle Knowledge Management.  Prior to joining Oracle, Jodie worked as Senior Manager of Learning and Knowledge Management at Sirius XM Radio, where she led the design and implementation of the SiriusXM Consumer Knowledgebase (RightNow Knowledge) and drove the Oracle Service Cloud Employee Training of 5000+ global users.  Jodie brings with her more than 10 years’ experience with Oracle Service Cloud (RightNow Technologies.) She enjoys the best of both worlds as she splits her time between New York City and Bozeman, MT. 

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