Congratulations to the 2021 Markie Awards finalists!

June 29, 2021 | 3 minute read
Angela Wells
Senior Director, Oracle Global CX Customer Marketing
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In a year that challenged businesses in completely new and unexpected ways, it’s inspiring to see so many customers and partners rise to the challenge and succeed. And we’re excited to recognize their customer experience (CX) innovation and excellence with our 15th annual Markie Awards.

We really appreciate the work that goes into building effective advertising, marketing, commerce, service, and sales teams and are proud to share their remarkable stories of success. We’re so happy to learn from and applaud this year’s inspiring movers, shakers, and experience makers.

Visit our website for a complete list of 2021 Markie Awards finalists.

Over the years, we’ve learned that organizations that provide truly standout customer experiences have strong, inspirational leadership at their core, and the submissions for this year’s Markie Awards highlight the value of effective leadership.

Despite the particularly challenging year we all experienced, the hundreds of nominees from around the world, and particularly our newest group of finalists, showcased their stories of innovation and resilience. And while our customer, agency, and partner finalists each took a different path to success, we noticed several key traits they all share:


Markies finalists see challenges as opportunities to improve their customers’ experiences, their organization, or even their own outcomes. The leaders of successful teams capitalize on obstacles as a way to constantly improve, and this year in particular, our Markies nominees demonstrated resourcefulness and creative thinking in the face of adversity. Additionally, we found that creative leadership occurred at all levels of successful organizations—not just in the C-suite.


Change is a constant in most businesses, and managing change can be difficult, but we found that Markies finalists quickly pivot to adapt and seize unexpected opportunities. They not only survive, but they thrive. Strong leaders can see the end goal and repeatedly course correct, bringing their teams along with them. This year’s Markies finalists really highlighted how agility pays off.


Finding the right tools to do any job is paramount for success. Effective leaders understand the value of preparing their organizations for what they need—both now and in the future—and equip their teams for success. But it’s not just having the right tools, it’s making the most of them that matters. Our Markie Awards finalists used technology in novel ways to meet and exceed their goals this year.


Inspirational leaders understand that breaking down silos empowers their teams to communicate more effectively and provide a stronger, more seamless customer experience. Advertising, marketing, sales, and customer service organizations must work together to drive positive outcomes for their clients and for themselves, and effective leaders foster the communication necessary for them to connect and work well together. This year’s nominees all emphasized collaboration and teamwork as key factors in their success.


Most importantly, Markies nominees succeed because they follow a strategic vision that encompasses all of these traits. They capitalize on customer experience to realize their company goals and then create a plan to make that happen. Our Markies finalists led teams who had a vision for what was possible, and then executed to meet and often exceed it.

We were so impressed with all of the submissions this year; our judges found it very difficult to narrow the field to 67 finalists. Congratulations to our Markies finalists, who truly are inspiring leaders! Keep up the great work!

Miss the finalist announcement? Watch the replay below.

Winners will be announced on Tuesday, July 27, at 10 a.m. CT. Visit that day for the full list of winners.

Angela Wells

Senior Director, Oracle Global CX Customer Marketing

Angela has nearly 25 years of marketing and market research experience across various industries including technology, consumer goods, media, and more. In her seven years at Oracle, Angela has been an active voice of the customer through product development and marketing, leading the global customer advocacy programs across the Oracle CX suite. She has experience managing both B2B and B2C marketing campaigns across all available marketing channels, has consulted with leading Fortune 500 companies to improve their marketing strategies, develop new products, and uncover customer needs.

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