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January 15, 2024 | 4 minute read
Nina Notomi
Product Owner
Prabakar Paulsami
Vice President, Applications Development
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The Oracle B2C Service Configuration Assistant (CA) is a self-service tool that lets Oracle application administrators manage B2C Service and Intelligent Advisor sites. Test site operation enhancement and Apache Log Access are the latest features added to CA so that application administrators can access information quickly instead of having to create service requests.

Test Site Operation Enhancement

CA provides a lot of flexibility when it comes to test site operations for B2C Service by offering three types of clones, six types of operations and the ability to start a test site operation immediately or scheduled it in the future. With recent releases of CA we added the ability to view details of existing test site operation requests as well as reschedule and cancel operations that have not started. Test site operations currently available in CA are:

  • Create Test Site: Create a new test site from the latest backup of the production site
  • Create and Update Test site: Create a new test site from the latest backup of the production site and update it to the latest version
  • Re-create Test Site: Retain the existing test site name and re-create the test site from the latest backup of the production site
  • Re-create and Update Test Site: Retain the existing test site name, re-create the test site from the latest backup of the production site and update it to the latest version
  • Reschedule Test Site Operation: Change the date/time of a test site operation scheduled in the future
  • Cancel Test Site Operation: Cancel an operation scheduled in the future

Test site operations triggered during the last 7 days are listed under the Administration section of CA along with operation parameters. This is used to check the status of in-flight operations and change the schedule of a future operation if you changed your mind about operation parameters such as the clone type or the schedule for the operation. Three dots on top right of each record provides access to the Reschedule/Cancel menu:


Test Site Operation List


By keeping all test sites up-to-date you ensure that tests or implementations performed on test sites are as close to what you will see in the production environment. This is critical especially during an implementation project as customizations may work differently depending on the version of the product so all implementations should always be performed on a test site running the same version as the production site. 


Apache Log Request

Apache logs are useful for monitoring, troubleshooting and analysing B2C Customer Portal activities. As of the December release CA provides the ability to request Apache logs for any B2C Service site. This feature is accessed from the Administration section.

After the request is lodged you can check the status of the request either in the Notifications section or by clicking on the Refresh button on the Administration page. When the log is ready it will appear under the name of the site along with a “Download” button.


CA Apache Log Section

Currently only Apache log files for the last 14 days are available through CA  but this will be expanded to 3 months in the future. As this is a new feature and we are looking to hear from customers to improve it, please use the Feedback widget on the right side of the CA page to let us know what you think of this feature. 

Oracle Identity Cloud (IDCS) Migration

Identity Domains on commercial pods have been migrated to Oracle Identity Cloud Service (IDCS) recently and as a result URLs for My Services and Configuration Assistant have changed. Please update your browser bookmarks with the new URLs by following instructions this knowledge base article. If you encounter any problems accessing My Services or Configuration Assistant, please raise a service request on the B2C Service support site


We have a lot of exciting features coming up in 2024 including DKIM and Oracle Engagement Engine. We are constantly looking for ways to improve Configuration Assistant so if you have any suggestion or feature request please use the Feedback widget on the right side of the Configuration Assistant page or request a feature in the Idea Lab. We are looking forward to hearing from you!



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Nina Notomi

Product Owner

Nina is a Product Owner of multiple applications including B2C Service Configuration Assistant, as well as a Principal Technical Migration Manager specializing in B2C Service version update. 

Prabakar Paulsami

Vice President, Applications Development

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