Announcing the Oracle Service Statement of Direction

March 29, 2023 | 3 minute read
Jim DiFronzo
GVP, Service Cloud
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By: Jim DiFronzo, GVP, Service Cloud

It’s easy to see that the pandemic has changed the way customers experience products and services and relate to brands for good. As a result, enterprise organizations and their departments that deliver their customer experience (CX) are facing an unmatched challenge (and opportunity). Oracle CX recognized this challenge and set forth a strategy, which is laid out in a recently published Statement of Direction. Oracle CX and Oracle Service strongly believe this strategy will enable our own customers to exceed their customers' expectations and surpass their competitors.

Streamlined suites deliver future CX

Today, CX is often delivered by leveraging a collection of individual point-solutions. These applications operate in silos and struggle—or are entirely unable—to share information and deliver front-to-back-office workflows. The future of CX deserves more than this classic approach. In 2023 and the next five years, successful CX investments will be characterized by fusing the power of CX systems, operations, and touchpoints across marketing, sales, and service data together on a common platform with the back-office and the broader ecosystem. Only in this way, will your enterprise wide CX strategy—powered by end-to-end flows and processes—effectively connect your customer to your entire business.

Service is an integral component of the suite

For enterprises across multiple industries, delivering service excellence is becoming increasingly complex. Resolving “simple” service requests—from a consumer inquiring about the status of a lost package to a homeowner inquiring about a malfunctioning solar panel—is proving to be not so simple. Executing on these requests requires integrations between the CRM, supply chain, product catalogue, and telemetry systems. To resolve these challenges and enable more effective service excellence across the front and back office, Oracle Service is building end-to-end solutions. One of our latest offerings, Asset-based Service, includes complete end-to-end flows for Proactive Maintenance, Field Repair, and Depot Repair, and includes all components of service delivery including digital customer service, agent experience, knowledge, supply chain, order management, scheduling, and field service. Solutions such as Asset-based Service destroy the old paradigm of separate front-office and back-office solutions. In its place is an effective end-to-end process that transcends multiple applications.

Asset-based Service is only our first end-to-end service solution. Across all components of our business, Oracle recognizes that our customers from different industries have unique requirements. To meet the industry-specific service expectations, Oracle Service will continue to design and deliver unique end-to-end service solutions to accelerate value and innovation for our customers.

Oracle Service will deliver value beyond the service department

A recent survey conducted in partnership between Oracle Service and Asend2 identified that consumers’ maturing expectations for customer service are seeping into the workplace, too. To help improve the employee experience of our enterprise customers, Oracle is unleashing its technology to deliver support to the greater organizational ecosystem. As a component of Oracle Service, our Help Desk solution provides full customer facing engagement center functionality, allowing our customers to build end-to-end digital-first solutions to service employee inquiries across the business. Oracle has already made its Help Desk available to our HCM, SCM, and CX customers and we have aggressive plans for expansion.  

An exciting time to partner with Oracle Service

Going forward, Oracle is aligning its CX, ERP, SCM, HCM, and platform teams alongside its numerous global, industry business units. In one massive, coordinated effort, Oracle is designing and delivering end-to-end service solutions that accommodate unique industry requirements to accelerate value and innovation for our customers. Now more than ever is an exciting time to partner with Oracle Service.

Fusion Service

Deliver efficient service outcomes at scale when and where customers engage. Oracle Fusion Service is a unified platform of apps, data, and capabilities enabling effortless self-service, agent-assisted service, and field service workflows tailored to your industry and use case. Learn more here.

Asset-based Service for High Tech and Manufacturing

Asset-based service helps businesses in asset-intensive industries, such as high-tech and manufacturing, manage the service lifecycle, predict and prevent downtime, improve efficiency, and grow service-related revenue. This pre-integrated solution deploys rapidly, automates critical workflows and unifies your service value chain by connecting customers, service teams, and assets. Learn more here.

HR Help Desk

Deliver quick, consistent, and intelligent HR services to every employee. Oracle HR Help Desk is a scalable and unified service request management solution that makes it easy for employees to find answers without the risk of sensitive data getting into the wrong hands. Learn more here.

Jim DiFronzo

GVP, Service Cloud

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