Empower support agents with ‘Agent Insights’ to improve customer satisfaction

June 10, 2024 | 10 minute read
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It is widely acknowledged that performance of customer support agents is highly crucial to every business. Implement Agent Insights within your Oracle B2C Service to enhance agents' ability to deliver superior customer service.

Agent Insights are more than mere recommendations. From instructions or how-to documents for agents, to one click shortcuts to perform multiple actions – Agent Insights is an exceptionally versatile feature. By integrating B2C capabilities with latest technologies including artificial intelligence and machine learning, insights can be a game changer to your agent’s abilities to perform faster incident resolution.

The Basics

What are ‘Agent Insights’?

Agent Insights are valuable information shown to the agents, along with the ability to perform actions in a single click.

                    What information is shown to the agents as insights?
                    What actions can they perform in single click?
                    You decide, it is all configurable!

Insights are presented to agents via insight cards displayed in a side panel when viewing an incident or interaction. Each card can have a title, some content, an accept button and a dismiss button. The information presented in each card could be helpful to the agent in resolving issues faster, and when the agent accepts an insight card, all the preconfigured actions get executed, all in a single click.

Insights can be configured to show up with relevant information, without the agent having to search for it. The content shown in the insights card itself can be valuable for better customer service and the ability to perform actions quicker will make both the agents and customers happy.

Consider a support agent at a gadget-selling organization. Imagine the agent is working on an incident where a customer is enquiring about extended warranty registration for a camera. The customer might be eligible for a loyalty discount based on their previous purchases. Such information can be presented directly to the agent through an insight card when the incident is opened, and the discount voucher details can be sent to the customer as a response when the card is accepted.

Agent Insight Cards

The insights panel is highly adaptable to agents' needs. It comes as a resizable, expand/collapse enabled side panel which is at the right side of incident workspace. Insights can contain HTML content also, so the cards can be designed with different font, colors and layouts. This makes the insight cards catchier and more interactive to the agents. Agents can choose to keep the insight panel collapsed by default in their preferences.


If the insights panel is hidden by default, then the count of available insights will be shown as a notification when incidents are open, and agent can choose to expand the panel at any time.

Agent Insights Collapsed View

How can administrators configure Agent Insight cards?

Insight cards can be configured in three ways:

  1. From workspace rules
  2. From extensions
  3. From Agent Insights Connections Editor

From workspace rules

Administrator can configure workspace rules to show an insight card to the agent. From the workspace designer, one can make use of the ‘Show insight’ action and can provide the title, content and a named event which should be fired when the insight card is accepted.

Agent Insights Workspace Rules Configuration

Using a named event presents a significant opportunity for the administrator to trigger a lot of customizable actions which can be configured in the workspace designer itself. The named event trigger can further call other workspace rules or can trigger an action defined in an extension as well. Through a combination of agent insights, named event triggers, workspace rules and extensions, a lot of agent’s work can be automated to work with a single click.

From extensions

Administrators can easily configure extensions to add insight cards. A lot of B2C Service implementations already perform many business logics from extensions. This can be further enhanced as we bring in the ability to push an insight card from extensions. Here also, the title, content, and the action to be called on accepting the card are configurable. These extensions can either be implementations within B2C service or can even connect to external systems with the help of External Object connections and then add insight cards.

When adding insight cards from extensions, the actions to be performed when the insight card is dismissed can also be configured. This is a great way for taking feedback on insights from agents.

Adding Agent Insight from Extension

For more details on how to add, update and remove insights suggestions from insights panel using Agent Browser UI Extensibility Framework, Click Here.

From Agent Insights Connections Editor

From Agent Insights connections editor, B2C service can be configured to fetch agent insights data from external REST end points. This insights connections editor is enabled by default for all administrator profiles under navigation set -> Administration. Administrator can define connections by providing the details of REST endpoints which can feed data to B2C Service. The authentication for these endpoints can also be provided in this editor. Connections to Oracle Digital Assistants (ODA) to fetch insights data is also supported. Support for ODA integration with Agent Insights is feature flagged and can be enabled on a need basis for any site.

Permissions to view insights from an insight connection are profile-based and can be configured in the insights connections editor itself. Whenever an agent opens an incident, all insights fetched from the connections defined in the Agent Insights Connections editor will be shown in the Insights panel. There is no need to have extra workspace rule or extension for this.

The format of response from REST/ODA endpoints should be in below format to be populated as insight in BUI:

Response Format for Adding insights from REST

The requests or response from REST/ODA endpoints can be modified as required through extensions. The extension action name should be defined in the insight connections editor.
Below is a description of the fields included on the Agent Insights Connections editor:

Basic Info
Field Description
Endpoint Name Informal Endpoint Name
Profiles with Insights Access User profile(s) with permission to view Insight cards derived from configured endpoint
Insight Connection Type REST/Oracle Digital Assistant


Extension Details
Use the options below if data from the REST/ODA endpoint needs modification. Administrators can create and upload extension(s) with actions to execute data translation. In these cases, the actions must be registered in the insights connections editor using the extensibility action fields below
Field Description
Get Insights Response Extensibility Action

Name of the registered action (from extensibility) that can return insights to display in the Insights Panel

Convert Insights Request Extensibility Action

Name of the registered action (from extensibility) that formats requests going to the 3rd party REST endpoint

Convert Insights Response Extensibility Action

Name of the registered action (from extensibility) that formats responses coming from the 3rd party REST endpoint

Convert Insight Feedback Extensibility Action

Name of the registered action (from extensibility) that formats feedback requests going to the  3rd party REST endpoint


The fields under the Connection Details section will be based on the connection type selection.

Connection Details for REST Connection
Field Description
Endpoint REST URL 3rd party REST endpoint base URL to receive incident data from B2C Service
Relative Path for the Insight Request The relative path that will be appended to the base URL to receive insights data
Relative Path for the Insight Feedback The relative path that will be appended to the base URL to send the feedback to the 3rd party REST endpoint
Authentication Type Basic Authentication/Bearer Token/OAuth2


Fields to provide the authentication will be shown based on the authentication type selected. For ODA connections, the ODA channel details need to be provided in the connection details section.

Insights from workspace rules and agent insights editor are supported only in incident workspaces currently. From extensions, insights can be added to incident and interaction workspaces.

What actions can be performed in single click from agent insights?

Insights added from REST/ODA end points can be of different types. Below are the different types of insight cards supported:

No. Insight Card Type Parameters Action on accepting the insight
1 Open Related Incidents
"insightType": "relatedIncident",
"insightValue": <Incident Reference No.>
Incident opened in BUI
2 Add Standard Text
"insightType": "standardText",
"insightValue": <Standard text ID>
Standard text gets added to incident response thread
3 Invoke Guide
"insightType": "guide",
"insightValue": <Guide ID>
Guide gets opened within guided assistance control
4 Open knowledgebase article
"insightType": "answer",
"insightValue": <Answer ID>
Knowledgebase article gets opened
5 Update Field
"insightType": "setField",
"insightField": <Field ID, eg: Incident.Subject>,
"insightValue": <Value to be set. Could be text or menu value ID>
Incident field value will be set
6 Fire Named Event
"insightType": "namedEvent",
"insightValue": <Name of the event>
Named event will be fired
7 Open Intelligent Advisor
"insightType": "intelligentAdvisor",
"insightValue": <Name of the interview>
Intelligent Advisor interview will be launched in a new window


Insight cards from REST/ODA endpoints and extensions can be of any of the above types. Insights added from workspace rules can have only 1 type of action, that is ‘Fire a Named Event’.

Agent insights is a powerful tool to make agents’ interaction with end customers more efficient and appealing. Insights can fetch data from anywhere including external cloud services and present valuable data to agents. The flexibility of agent insights can be leveraged in various ways to improve agents' customer service.

We encourage you to incorporate Agent Insights to your B2C implementations to get better customer and agent satisfaction. If you need any information or assistance, feel free to connect with us through our customer connect forum.

Jyothi Krishna P

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