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Oracle Government 2.0 Helps Constituents and Business During Crisis.....and When We Return to Normal

Vinay Iyer
Vice President, CX Industry Solution Architect

Shelter-in-place orders are making it difficult for governments to continue operations at a time when citizens and businesses need more support and services than during normal times.

Government agencies at all levels are facing several daunting challenges. Oracle Government 2.0 provides a state-of-the-art digital framework for modernizing government operations and citizen engagement that includes these key capabilities:

  • Real-time information creation and distribution from all levels of government to the right citizens at the right time via all the right channels
  • Easy and accurate personalized guidance on complex issues leading to specific actions and accurate information intake thereby reducing dependency on government employees’ time
  • Streamlined Emergency Operations Center planning, coordination, and communication with automation and intelligence
  • Effortless work-from-home planning, execution, and tracking with web and mobile based applications
  • Elastic and reliable infrastructure that can reliably handle sudden huge spikes in work and communication demands
  • Significantly lower noise and distraction generated by traditional communication tools such as email, tele-conferencing, Slack, etc.

Several of our forward-thinking public sector customers have already embarked on their Government 2.0 digital transformation journeys with Oracle CX and Oracle Technology solutions, helping them rapidly adapt their operations and manage the necessary challenges without disruption.

Oracle worked side-by-side with customers to quickly develop and launch solutions to assist governments in managing the COVID-19 situation and enable agencies to function effectively from remote locations. Through a combination of intelligent self-service automation, remote work orchestration, smart knowledge sharing, and guided assistance solutions, Oracle Government 2.0 solutions are designed to help government employees serve the needs of their citizens and businesses both in times of crisis and through recovery:

  • Digital Response for Constituents: By rapidly responding to citizens’ needs, governments can build trust and deliver the assurances their communities need most in times of crisis. Oracle Digital Response for Constituents simplifies government communication with a solution that citizens can rely on to get instant, personalized advice that is up-to-date and consistent. Easy to administer and quick to deploy within days, Oracle’s solution eases the burden on government employees by redirecting constituents to intelligent self-service portals for complex issues, while enabling delivery of government services and guidance 24x7 via a multitude of digital channels.

  • Government Service Continuity: Large and small government entities are challenged to function efficiently as more employees work remotely. To do so, it is becoming increasingly important to break down silos across various departments within the organization. Rising to this challenge requires new collaboration tools that enable prioritization, assignment, tracking, and execution of different workstreams. Oracle CX enables employees to function virtually using simple yet powerful service request, workflow, knowledge management, and intelligent advisor solutions. Learn more about Oracle’s “Virtual City Hall” solution recently launched for cities.

  • Agile Recovery: Oracle Agile Recovery supports crisis recovery programs and processes end-to-end. Real-time, personalized advice across channels (including web, mobile, chat, among others) help constituents understand what support and benefits are available to them. Sophisticated applicant data verification helps to determine eligibility, calculate payments, and eliminate fraud and error. And, outcome analysis ensures initiatives are meeting intended goals, while case management assures unique long-term cases are managed effectively. By deploying these programs at scale, governments can assure constituents will receive what they need to recover quickly.  

Oracle’s solutions can be delivered very quickly to assist with the pandemic crisis.  Oracle’s secure Cloud platform offers best-in-class security, compliance, elasticity and performance guarantees to ensure governments continue functioning effectively in normal and crisis environments.

Learn more about how Oracle’s Government 2.0 solutions can help by clicking here.

Click here to learn about Oracle's Virtual City Hall solution



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Comments ( 2 )
  • Stefan Wednesday, May 13, 2020
    Great to see this focus on Government operations. Curious to see more on user/resident feedback and standardized reporting for Public sector.
  • Stefan Wednesday, May 13, 2020
    Great to see the public sector emphasis!
    Curious to learn more about standardized public sector reporting and how feedback is leveraged for improvement.
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