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Oracle Customers are CX Heroes With the Metrics and Tattoos to Prove it

Erica Anderson
Sr. Product Manager

Modern Customer Experience is the biggest CX event of the year, and you—our customers—are the heart and soul of the conference. You inspire us year round, and we’re excited to welcome you back to the event in Chicago this year.

Looking back, my favorite highlight from Modern CX 2019 happened after the conference when CIO Pedro Martini and Douglas Melo from WebContinental got #CXHero tattoos in Las Vegas to commemorate their conference experience. I wanted to catch up with these leaders and hear about their experience at Modern CX, and learn why a #CXHero tattoo strengthens their commitment to leading positive change.

Tell me about your connection with Oracle.

  • Pedro: In my early career, I worked as an Oracle DB Administrator, so my relationship was purely commercial—we bought Oracle databases. When I became CIO at WebContinental, we were using Oracle databases and my connection with Oracle was still a supplier-client relationship. Our relationship started to evolve into a partnership when we met with the Oracle team to see how Oracle solutions could help us solve our problems and grow our business. This led us to invest in Oracle Commerce.
  • Douglas: My relationship started four years ago when we invested in Oracle Commerce. We realized our choice was bigger than an ecommerce platform, so I started focusing on how to get the most out of our Oracle CX investment and drive the best experience for our customers.

Tell me about your experience at Modern Customer Experience 2019.

  • Pedro: I went to Modern CX expecting another commercial conference, not a transformative paradigm shift. When I saw the capabilities available from Oracle, met product managers, and saw Oracle and its clients interacting in the Commerce Customer Advisory Board (CAB) and CX Hero program, my original perception of Oracle changed. This was a bigger opportunity to grow our relationship with Oracle into a true partnership and to collaborate with people who have the same values and goals to take care of their customers. Since Modern CX, we have grown our relationship with Oracle Brazil into a partnership. The Oracle Brazil team has seen this change in our mindset and embraced it as a new, different way to lead the business.
  • Douglas:  It was an amazing experience being in Las Vegas for the first time, participating in the CAB, and attending the conference. Participating in the CAB provided such validation of our work. I started at WebContinental in 2008, so corralling 10 years of working and sharing our story with a rich team of commerce professionals was amazing. And it was a pleasant surprise to meet Erica and participate in the CX Hero program. It was more than we expected or hoped it would be.

What made you decide to get a #CXHero tattoo?

  • Pedro: I’ve been to countless conferences over the years, but Modern CX stood out. We wanted to remember this moment—this focus and belief in transformation—every day. Often, the daily tasks take us away from this focus, but we have to remember that we can do differently and do better. What is a better way to remember than getting a tattoo?
  • Douglas: I would agree with Pedro. We wanted to record the moment we were going through…not only as a company, but individually and professionally.

What informed the particular design of your tattoo?

  • Pedro: Right before Modern CX week, we discovered Lee Canyon, a ski resort by Vegas. We didn’t expect to find snow in the desert, but we went and, some of our group of employees saw snow for the first time. So we choose the Lee Canyon logo with #CXHero for our tattoos:
    • Snow was the perfect analogy, because in many ways, we’re in the middle of the desert with our ideas and projects that we’re working for every day. Going to Modern CX was like finding snow in the desert of our situation.
    • #CXHero focuses on people, not just the company or the technology. Technology innovations aren’t enough. We need to change the behavior of people to make true change. We share this value and strive to take a people and behavior-first approach to leading change at WebContinental.
  • Douglas: The tattoo is about sharing an awesome experience with Las Vegas, Lee Canyon, Modern CX, the CAB, the CX Hero program and Oracle as colleagues and friends. And it encourages us with the paradigm shifts we’re leading at our company.

What advice do you have about leading change based on your experience at WebContinental?

  • Pedro: The most important thing is to achieve a mutually beneficial situation where both parties benefit…the win-win, the true empathy among people. Find a way forward where teams can work together to achieve an objective for the company.
  • Douglas: Everyone has personal interests and company interests, but if we focus on the higher company goals that we all share, we can grow the business together. It’s not easy, but it’s working. We’ve been growing more than 25% per year for the past 5 years and this year, we’ll grow more than 50%! We believe this fast-growth is happening because of our approach with change management and business positioning. Leading this type of change has been our personal #CXHero program.

Look for Pedro and Douglas at Modern Customer Experience to hear their latest CX Hero exploits in selling through resellers and expanding into other countries.

If you’re looking to inspire and shape Modern Customer Experience, you don’t have to get a tattoo to share your #CXHero story. Join the Oracle CX Hero Hub today to shape and find opportunities to participate in Modern Customer Experience 2020 today.

Read more about WebContinental’s growth in Pedro’s recent article “Transform Your eCommerce Before You Need to:  How WebContinetal Competes in a Rapidly-Growing Market.






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