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Oracle CRM Watchlist 2015 Winner

Guest Author
Leading CRM expert, best-selling author, analyst and regular contributor to ZDNet, Paul Greenberg, has listed Oracle as a 2015 winner on his CRM Watchlist. Paul is an advisor to both public and private organizations and continues to define the landscape of CRM including industry trends, challenges and opportunities. As the Executive Vice President of the CRM Association, and Chairman of the University of Toronto’s CRM Centre of Excellence, Paul is considered one of the industry’s top thought leaders. You can read Paul's blog on ZDNet at: zdnet.com/blog/crm/

As part of his regular contribution to ZDNet, Paul published his 2015 CRM Watchlist to select CRM vendors making an impact in the market, from 2014 to 2017. Paul clearly defines impact as a leading solution provider in a specific field that’s currently prevalent and will maintain sustained impact over time. In his words, these are companies “providing what customers are looking for in a way that individual customers find meaningful.” Paul’s evaluation also considers a company’s outreach - including its customers, analysts, and journalists – as key influencers in the market. Over 142 companies submitted applications for this year’s CRM Watchlist evaluation and Oracle’s CX suite was selected as one of the winning vendors!

In his review, Paul outlines the value of a CRM that offers rich interoperability across products, services and consumable experiences. He also outlines a shift in best-of-breed versus suite vendors, whereby now there’s a greater emphasis on a “complete set of capabilities that are attuned to the outcomes that the customer is looking for.” In his review, Paul suggests that CRM ecosystems strike the balance between suites and best-of-breed.

Oracle’s CX strategy has continuously emphasized the importance of a complete and integrated CRM solution; that removes silos while offering rich product capabilities to deliver seamless customer experiences. Oracle believes a complete CRM solution can be deployed modularly to tackle specific business challenges or as a comprehensive solution across all customer-facing functions.

On Paul’s CRM Watchlist, he identifies Oracle’s CRM Suite as a winner due to product features and our tremendous social outreach that spans over 1.4 million! He highlights key strengths across Oracle’s CRM solutions, as follows:

  • Sales Cloud: “might have the most powerful mobile sales application that I’ve ever seen”
  • Service Cloud: “agent-focuses, knowledge embedded and very competitive”
  • Marketing Cloud: “has the power of Eloqua behind it, so is a real market challenger”
  • Social Cloud: “their killer app. As both standalong, and integrated into the other three, has enormous dept, is multi-lingual (19 languages) and must be the best social listening and analytics combination in the market….they nailed it!”

Oracle is delighted to be selected as winner in Paul Greenberg’s 2015 CRM Watchlist! Our commitment to develop the most comprehensive and rich suite of CX applications in the industry is unparalleled.

“We continuously strive to provide an unrivaled suite of capabilities across customer-facing solutions – to deliver engaging experiences that drive tangible competitive advantages across the value chains for our customers.”

– Aaron Shidler, Vice President CX Product Development

For more information about how you could achieve a new competitive advantage with Oracle’s Customer Experience, please visit Modern CRM: A Competitive Advantage.

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