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Movable Ink and Oracle CX Help Marketers Create Data-Driven Experiences at Scale

Neil McHugh
Senior Principal Product Manager, Oracle CX

More than 700 of the world’s most innovative brands rely on Movable Ink’s visual experience platform to automate the creation of personalized experiences for each customer across channels. I recently spoke with Bill Reinwald, Associate Director of Business Development and Partnerships at Movable Ink to discuss how retail marketers can use Movable Ink to pull data from Oracle CX Commerce directly into those highly-personalized campaigns.

NM: Tell me about Movable Ink and what makes your solution unique.
BR: Movable Ink helps digital marketing leaders supercharge their martech stacks to power data-driven, personalized experiences at scale with an extensive offering of out-of-the box partner integrations. Marketers can free their data from silos to generate intelligent creative with millions of unique variations. We’re a flexible system that allows for a marketer to input any data source and output infinite variations of a creative. I consider our platform to be an indispensable tool in the marketer’s tool belt.

NM: Can you give an overview of Movable Ink’s integrations with Oracle?
BR: Most people are probably familiar with our integration with Oracle Responsys, which allows marketers to insert Movable Ink’s content into Responsys-powered emails. We also integrate with CrowdTwist, a loyalty provider recently acquired by Oracle, to activate loyalty data within emails. Our newest integration allows marketers to access product information that’s stored in Oracle CX Commerce. When you think about a website with the product catalog, its hierarchy and the categories structure are all managed within a commerce cloud. Our integration allows CX Commerce users to tap into that data via an API and incorporate real-time product information into their campaigns.

NM: What are some other ways marketers can use Movable Ink and Oracle CX Commerce in their campaigns?
BR: Together, we help marketers make experiences as seamless as possible for the end-user. For example. marketers can integrate real-time inventory and product details like images, descriptions, and pricing.

Marketers can even use this integration to ensure the product recommendations in an email campaign are in-stock or to enable more advanced capabilities like showing inventory by location or offering in-store pickup.

As we explore more of the APIs and the capabilities that of Oracle CX Commerce, there’s potential to use an individual’s past purchases history to create more relevant marketing experiences. Marketers can also bring the three pillars together, incorporate Movable Ink with Oracle’s Loyalty, eCommerce, and ESP solutions to create a more integrated approach for their campaigns.

NM: How does Movable Ink provide a better experience for eCommerce customers?

BR: We help marketers increase their return on investment. The average email marketing manager can sit at their desks and use Movable Ink, and at the end of that project, they can report back to their superiors. With Movable Ink, DSW saw a 13% lift in engagement. That’s a huge story for any marketer.

Movable Ink & Oracle Success Story: United Airlines

On the other hand, you have time savings and efficiency. Our platform allows marketers to create countless creative variations, which opens up time to strategize. Our platform also helps marketers get the most out of the investments they’ve made. Marketers tend to have disjointed systems. Being able to activate the data in those different systems and incorporate it all into a single campaign is a game-changer. That’s where the Movable Ink stands out: our platform acts as the connecting piece between data sources.

NM: How do you think Oracle and Movable Ink complement each other?

BR: Brands have their own individual strategies and data. Not every Oracle Commerce Cloud integration for a client is going to look the same. Technically, our team is flexible and can work with any API to design a solution that is customized for the client using it. Our team is able to adapt to each brand’s challenges, strategies, and data to create customized solutions, and that’s definitely a benefit for the marketers involved. The Movable Ink platform can pull in data from any source and activate it in real-time, and for Oracle customers, we can make it even easier to access data directly from Commerce Cloud and seamlessly incorporate it into email campaigns.

NM: What’s one piece of advice you would give to marketers in 2020?

BR: Be open-minded to trying new things. Testing new technologies or new use cases may seem daunting, but the right team can make it painless and can help you prove the value of your ideas and help you scale to your full potential.

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