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Is Oracle Commerce Cloud The Right Ecommerce Platform For Your Business?

Nathan Joynt
CX Cloud Business Group

In July 2015 Oracle was featured in a Forrester report titled Brief: Oracle Commerce Gets the Cloud Treatment. We believe this is an important read for business leaders considering a new ecommerce platform. In our view, it provides a good synopsis into the reasons why Oracle chose to develop a cloud-based commerce platform, known as Oracle Commerce Cloud, and what the platform provides. Commerce Cloud has evolved since this report was published and it’s important to highlight some key features and why they are important to executives running modern commerce businesses.

Commerce Cloud is a SaaS ecommerce platform derived from Oracle’s on-premises product, Oracle Commerce. Commerce Cloud differentiates itself from this on-premises offering in several ways including:

  1. Standardized, web-based administrative tools. Once an ecommerce storefront is established, these tools allow business users to develop and manage and deploy desired customer experiences with minimal, if any, support from web developers, IT and/or software engineers. This functionality is particularly appealing to ecommerce marketing and merchandising teams using home grown or outdated commerce systems who have traditionally relied on tech teams to implement their initiatives. Included as part of the admin tools are user-friendly and highly intuitive drag and drop components for easy web page development, and direct access to the HTML through a WYSIWYG editor. This opens the door for ecommerce teams to do more. To remove the over reliance on tech teams and to expedite the delivery of key initiatives in the marketplace.
  2. Freshly architected Level 3 REST API. Underneath the admin tools, storefront and integration points sits the API. Considering all the current touchpoints and integrations retailers require today and in anticipation for emerging technology, this API will be able to accommodate future customer experience needs. Retailers will also benefit from a dependable, automated deployment environment that’s all web-based.
  3. Out-of-box responsive storefront. Commerce Cloud is actually natively responsive in development and design. Mobile-first ecommerce websites are table stakes for today’s high demand, always-on consumer. Most retailers can expect to deploy a fully functional, multi-device ready, modern ecommerce website in a matter of weeks.

More than an ecommerce platform, retailers are leveraging Oracle’s powerful cloud environment

According to the Forrester report cited above, “Commerce Cloud lives exclusively in Oracle's cloud environment which means high availability and elastic scalability across a mature, global cloud infrastructure.”

This is an infrastructure that’s second-to-none. While other mid-market commerce platforms are building their global infrastructure with the potential to provide enterprise-level support, Oracle’s cloud environment already facilitates the needs of many of the top businesses in the world. This leaves zero doubt about Oracle’s ability to serve the needs of growing retailers entering the midmarket –approximately achieving $10 million or more in revenue per year as defined by Forrester in the report cited above.

Ecommerce Platform Market Segments

Commerce Cloud continues to evolve in 2016

Since its launch in 2015, Commerce Cloud has grown in many ways. New features are being added continually based on the needs of the market. In fact, the growth and vision is rather impressive. I’ve worked with multiple ecommerce software companies and Oracle’s commitment to innovation and delivery is remarkable.

Oracle is also working diligently to address the partner ecosystem for Commerce Cloud adding new technology and solution partners since its launch including leading ratings and reviews provider, PowerReviews, and social influencer platform, AddShoppers. With Commerce Cloud, growing retailers should expect to realize their digital customer experience aspirations in 2016 and beyond.

Consider a current Commerce Cloud customer

Elaine Turner

Before moving to Commerce Cloud, Elaine Turner’s online sales were stifled by SMB ecommerce technology that did not scale. The move to the Oracle platform provided the retailer with a scalable automated system that is user-friendly and customer centric. Commerce Cloud is helping Elaine Turner expand the brand beyond its 10 brick-and-mortar stores to become a nationwide retailer.

Carrie Leader, Ecommerce Director for Elaine Turner appreciates many aspects of Commerce Cloud and the partnership built with Oracle. In particular, she’s very impressed with her team’s ability to get more done. “What used to take weeks to do they can now do in minutes.” Carrie expects to grow the ecommerce business exponentially.

“With Oracle Commerce Cloud, we expect to increase conversion rates by two times,” said Leader, “and traffic between 20 and 30 percent.” Looking to the future, Elaine Turner predicts a sales increase between 50 and 100 percent with the help of the solution.

See if Commerce Cloud is the right ecommerce platform for your business. Request a demo today.

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