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IoT is Radically Changing Customer Service

Guest Author

Daniel Foppen, Senior Principal Product Manager Oracle Service Cloud

The Internet of Things (or IoT) isn’t just a buzzword anymore. The technology has evolved over the last few years, offering a range of real applications and tremendous business value. IoT is increasingly disrupting industries, especially in the field of predictive customer service.

Predictive service is when an organization utilizes data from IoT connected devices to predict when a problem might occur with that device. Then, they proactively reach out to the customer to solve the problem before it happens. This idea is radically altering the foundation of what customer service means.

Today, we often associate customer service with picking up the phone to call a company’s service agent. It usually takes a while, is often frustrating, and we don’t always get the answer we need to fix our issue on the first call. But, what if you could get a call from customer service to kindly alert you that your device will likely have a problem soon? In that interaction, the agent informs you that a new device has already been shipped to replace the defective one. This example of predictive customer service is increasingly becoming a reality.

Innovative businesses such as Carbon, Inc., a 3D printer manufacturer, have adopted predictive service, and have even shaped their entire business model around it. No longer the traditional “break-fix team,” Carbon’s service agents monitor incoming data and trends from their customers’ connected printers. This data allows Carbon to not only engage in proactive service, but also offers a hardware subscription model. This is a revolutionary approach to the capital equipment industry–where businesses normally sell a piece of equipment with a thick manual, and then forget about the equipment after it ships to the customer.

Take a look at this video where Heather Miksch, VP of Field and Product Operations, explains how Carbon has embraced predictive service.

Pretty cool, huh? As Heather states, predictive service is the new trend. It relies on a solid IoT infrastructure, one that gathers data from customers and their devices. Then, after leveraging insights from that data, a company can craft a connected customer experience (CX). That’s the smarter approach to CX– one that fuels growth and disrupts industries.  

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