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Investing in Mobile Apps? Help Your Customers Use Them!

Mobile applications are a great way to create an optimal brand experience for customers who prefer to do business from their phones or tablets. But what happens when they have questions or need help while using your app? Depending on the device, screen size, resolution, region, app version (or dozens of other factors), your app may appear or function differently from customer-to-customer. Coupled with the fast pace at which mobile environments change, it’s become crucial that agents have the ability to co-browse with mobile customers in order to quickly understand and solve issues.

Design Your Mobile Customer Experience

Businesses put a great deal of thought into the experience they’re creating when building a native mobile application for customers. What needs does the app meet? How is the content streamlined to be optimal for a mobile device? How does the in-app experience connect with the brand’s web experience or its mobile web experience? But one aspect that’s often overlooked is how the business will serve customers who run into a question or problem using the app. Planning for long-term service needs can be as simple as building in easy-to-use live help access, like Chat or an 800 number, and it should always include the ability to co-browse with customers who are using the app. 

Equip Your Agents with the Right Information

While some businesses have dedicated agents ready to support issues related to the mobile app, contact center agents often have mixed responsibilities that may include app support. In either case, it’s difficult for agents to stay on top of how the company’s app functions on an Android Device vs. an Apple device vs. a Surface device, or which features are available in a specific customer’s version of the app. The simplest way to ensure agents are familiar with a customer’s app is to give them the ability to see the app on the customer’s screen in real-time. The same benefits businesses achieve by co-browsing with online customers apply to interactions with customers using a mobile app, with the added benefit of solving for all the variables associated with how content displays on mobile environments.

Guide Your Customers into the Mobile Age

Not all customers are comfortable turning to mobile applications to do things like shop, bank, or make travel arrangements. But these industries have spent years transforming to offer web-centric and now mobile-centric customer experiences. Co-browse technology gives businesses an opportunity to help customers – no matter how tech savvy – confidently utilize the web and mobile platforms in which the brand has invested. By having the ability to co-browse with customers directly within a mobile app, agents can show customers exactly how to do something when they get stuck. Being able to depend on this level of understanding and service builds long-term customer loyalty while driving usage of self-service mobile tools.

Maintain Visibility Beyond Service

While co-browsing plays a crucial role in helping less tech-savvy customers utilize mobile features, it also plays an important role in making long-term improvements to the app. A mobile application is designed to be user-friendly, so when customers do have a question or problem while using the app, it’s important to understand exactly where and why these customers are getting stuck. Co-browsing can help agents uncover and document bugs, common customer issues/complaints, or anything in the app that isn’t delivering the desired experience.

Oracle Co-browse is easy to add to a native Android or iOS mobile application via a simple SDK, and the ability to do so is included with a Co-browse subscription. For more information visit Oracle.com.

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