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How Toshiba Medical Systems Europe reinvents their Service Experience to bring innovation to life!

Christine Friscic
Product Manager, Oracle Service Cloud

By Cyrille Geeratz – Account Director, TMSE and Oracle (Field) Service Cloud @CyrilleGeeratz

Imagine a young couple eagerly going to the hospital to have their first-ever ultrasound scan. They are very anxious to finally see the new life they’re bearing and hear its heartbeat for the first time. But, they are also a bit nervous since they want to be sure that all vitals are good. And then imagine the deception and anxiety when they arrive to the hospital, only to hear the ultrasound machine has broken down and they have to make a new appointment next week.

Reliable and safe availability of high-tech medical equipment is vital to maintain modern society’s quality of life. Whether it is in happy moments like parents expecting their first child, or in sad moments when battling a terminal illness.

To achieve this it’s vital that modifications and preventive maintenance are handled in a timely and controlled manner. Swift and prompt response to incidents is of utmost importance.

Toshiba Medical Systems Europe (TMSE) operates a 375-man-strong team of highly skilled engineers across Europe to serve their installed base of medical equipment at thousands of hospitals and clinics. High quality, safety, maximum uptime of equipment and a strong customer focus are key values for TMSE’s engineers. To maintain their competitive edge and position their Service Experience as a competitive differentiator, TMSE has teamed with Oracle to reinvent their service delivery model.

After an intensive and highly detailed vendor selection process, TMSE has selected Oracle’s CX portfolio as the solution to bring their service delivery into the next century.

“With Oracle (Field) Service Cloud we are taking the next step, entering a new era of customer service: delighting our customers with the support we provide and empowering our employees with state-of-the-art applications to do their work,” says Johan Lombaerts, Senior Manager Service, at Toshiba Medical Systems Europe. “In doing so, we strive to strengthen and streamline communication with customers, provide them the ability to choose their preferred communication channel and access self-service tools at their convenience. It is also our goal in this initiative to increase employee satisfaction for back-office staff and field engineers, and improve the accuracy of the data we collect in order to strengthen our analysis capabilities and continue improving.”

In the first phase TMSE is bringing The Netherlands, UK and Sweden live on their new Oracle Service Cloud and Field Service Cloud platform, which enables TMSE to:

  • Streamline communication with customers, routing incoming calls or incidents to 100 agents on the customer’s preferred channel – including phone, chat, SMS, email and an online portal
  • Provide Call Center agents with the tools they need to easily determine a customer’s entitlements on their medical equipment
  • Ensure that critical customer and asset data is shared with resources at every step of the service process – contact center representatives, dispatchers, field resources and even supervisors
  • Improve response times when maintenance is required on assets in the field, reduce asset downtime and customer disruption
  • Drive operational efficiencies in the maintenance and repair of its medical devices, improving field engineer productivity while reducing costs associated with travel and overtime
  • Empower field engineers by providing them with access to relevant knowledge and peer-to-peer collaboration tools in the field via their mobile devices
  • Improve accuracy of the data collected in the field and ensure that it gets recorded and shared across the organization properly
  • Increase overall customer satisfaction and exceeding customer expectations and experience by accessing up-to-date information anywhere

Thereafter, TMSE will swiftly rollout the new solution across the rest of Europe. In the meantime, they will deliver a customer service portal where hospital staff can log inquiries on the equipment, see the service and contract status, and schedule or change maintenance visits.

TMSE is planning to raise the bar even higher in a third phase by utilizing Oracle Policy Automation Cloud to automate post-installation and post-repair checklists and generate a compliance report automatically to adhere to legal requirements.

It’s my vision to ultimately support Toshiba Medical Systems Europe to tap into the Internet of Smart Things to enable both service staff and engineers to remotely service equipment and to move towards the concept of Predictive Maintenance.

By leveraging data constantly collected from connected equipment, TMSE’s Service organization can ultimately better predict when services will be required and, eventually, shift to a more proactive maintenance and repair model. This will not only reduce asset downtime and allow TMSE to be even more efficient in their field service planning. Ultimately, it will positively impact the hospitals’ productivity and perhaps most importantly: ensure that TMSE’s medical equipment is there to support the quality of life we have become so accustomed to.

To learn more about Toshiba Medical Systems Europe, please read here.

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