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How to Intuitively Group Products to Increase Visibility and Drive E-commerce Sales

Sometimes we get so caught up in the complexity of our businesses, that we forget to keep up the basics, even though the basics often have high return for relatively low effort.

Our Back to Basics column highlights e-commerce tactics you can utilize that don’t require automation or any extra-special tools to implement, and have proven results—both in terms of increasing performance and improving site experience. 

In this edition, we're focusing on Online Merchandising Hooks. This grouping and messaging technique works because it helps lower the barrier to purchase and improves the product discovery and finding process. It bubbles up products shoppers might otherwise not know about and provides context, a story, and/or a trigger that makes them realize they really do need that item after all. 

The browsing process should be fun, not work. These collections and associated call-outs or “stickers,” should be a mix of evergreen groupings that we know typically work (e.g. New Arrivals) and ones that are unique to your business.

Be creative and use your site and customer data to come up with ideas. If you see that there are a handful of items that sell particularly well across categories, for example, group them together, give them a must-click title, and promote them on a high traffic page and in email and see if you can boost them further. Change them often, try different creative and messaging, and don’t be afraid to be a little out of the ordinary.

Here are a couple examples I like. The first example below from Food52 brings together seemingly disparate items under a particular selling hook. The second example from Sephora shows an example of a call-out or “sticker” — often these are shown on the product detail page.  


And here’s a list of online merchandising hooks that you can use as a starting point for creating your own groupings and call-outs. Feel free to mix, match, and customize! 

  • Trending in [top category/activity/brand]
  • Popular with [Customer Segment]
  • Bestsellers/Top Sellers
  • Top Reviewed
  • Top Rated
  • 5-Star Products
  • New Releases/Just Added
  • Top Picks
  • On Sale
  • Price Drop
  • New Lower Price
  • Only X Left
  • Back In Stock
  • Exclusive
  • Top Wished For
  • Most Favorited
  • Most Shared
  • Most Popular
  • In-Store Picks
  • Customer Favorites
  • Seasonal/Holiday
  • New [Color/Size/Fit]
  • Daily Deals
  • Recommended by [x]
  • Gifts Under $x
  • Most Searched For
  • Top Searches



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