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    October 20, 2016

How to Avoid Decision Fatigue Throughout the Sales Process

Ambar Castillo
Senior Product Marketing Manager for Oracle CX

We are all faced with hundreds of choices daily whether we’re deciding what to make for dinner, what computer to buy, or what job offer to accept. While having options may seem like a good thing, having too many options for a possible solution can lead to what is known as decision fatigue. 
Decision fatigue occurs when the quality of decisions begins to deteriorate after making too many decisions. The more options, often the greater the decision fatigue. In a business setting it’s important to consider how decision fatigue can impact the customer's experience and, ultimately, sales numbers.
Have you ever talked to a customer who was ready to buy, but then changed their mind once presented with a number of choices or customization options?  They may have experienced decision fatigue. Too many choices can cause an individual to shut down, resulting in poor decisions or even worse, decision avoidance.
If your organization offers many products or options, how can you help customers throughout the decision-making process to avoid decision fatigue?  
Present Fewer Solutions
If you are the provider of a highly accessorized product or service, presenting fewer solutions can be particularly challenging. However, through guided selling embedded into sales tools such as configure, price, quote (CPQ) software, sales reps can be confident they are presenting only the products and services that fulfill a customer’s needs. Guided selling – the process of asking the customer a series of questions to understand a customer’s needs – helps to limit the solutions reps offer to a customer, making the buying process more simple and productive.
Automate for Performance
CPQ software also optimizes the sales process through intelligent automation of cumbersome manual steps, such as proposal generation and repetitive tasks, throughout the sales cycle. Rule-based and wizard-driven processes are leveraged in order for reps to easily and accurately create a quote for a prospect in a timely manner. Organizations can also utilize CPQ software to not only establish boundaries that help sales reps adhere to pricing and discounting policies, but to also automate approval processes for discounts or requests that fall outside of the boundaries established by a department or manager.
More choices are not always a good thing, especially when too many choices lead to decision fatigue for customers. I encourage you to review the number of choices your customers are making today and see if you can streamline the process to avoid decision fatigue.


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