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How One Manufacturer Transformed Their Customer Engagement

John Klinke
Director, Oracle Industry Strategy Group
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AirBorn is a manufacturer of specialized connectors and electronic components based near Austin, Texas.  Their products are used for mission-critical applications across many industries including aerospace and space exploration. NASA, Raytheon, and Lockheed Martin are just some of the customers that leverage AirBorn’s technology for use in planes, satellites and other spacecraft.

With hundreds of thousands of different product variations, AirBorn faced a challenge in making it easy to request quotes and configure and submit purchase orders.  AirBorn’s parts builder system didn’t integrate with their production and pricing systems, leading to a lot of manual steps and unnecessary delay for their customers.

After evaluating both Salesforce and Oracle solutions, AirBorn chose Oracle Cloud Customer Experience (CX) due to its richer capabilities to streamline their customer interactions. With a combination of Oracle CX Service, Oracle CPQ, and Oracle CX Commerce, AirBorn has been able to fully automate the configuring, selling, and servicing of their complex product portfolio. Their customers can now configure products, request quotes, and submit orders without any human interaction.  Deploying Oracle Cloud CX has also led to a dramatic reduction in both time and order entry errors. The quote creation process went from taking up to 2 weeks to only a few hours, and order input times went from days to just minutes. At the same time, order creation and order processing errors have both decreased by 70 percent.

"With Oracle CX Service, Oracle CPQ, and Oracle CX Commerce, we’re able to take billions of different parts combinations and help guide a customer, in a very easy way, to the right set of products they need.” - Mike Kramer, Director of Software Integration and Web Applications, AirBorn

For more details about the many benefits AirBorn has achieved by moving to Oracle Cloud, read this Oracle Cloud CX success story. For additional info about the many solutions Oracle has developed for manufacturing and other industries, visit oracle.com/industries.