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How Intelipost Revolutionized the Logistics Industry in Brazil and is Coming to a Market Near You

Carrie Leader
Principal Product Manager, Oracle CX

Brazil’s freight market has been transformed thanks to Intelipost’s SaaS solution that’s managing a fragmented logistics network of over 70k companies. And Intelipost has no intention of stopping with the Brazilian market as they’re also developing with international scale in mind.

In this Q&A, I interview Stefan Rehm, Founder of Oracle Cloud Marketplace Technology Partner, Intelipost. We cover the role that freight management plays in the overall customer experience and how new innovations like blockchain will further revolutionize the industry and push the envelope of what we consider to be a good experience.

Q - Tell us about Intelipost and what makes your solution unique.

Intelipost was founded by Gabriel Drummond and me in 2014 with the purpose of solving one of Brazil’s biggest logistics problems: the lack of a standard freight market, especially given Brazil’s vast size, combined with a large number of small delivery players made freight process management difficult. While the country has plenty of logistics companies, very few provide cross-country service and even fewer have transparent processes around pricing and tracking. We set out to fix this by building a single platform, SaaS solution to facilitate the management of the entire shipping process from quoting to reverse logistics and auditing.

After 5 years of hard work integrating with the various transport providers, today Intelipost is a leading technology company in transportation management and intelligence, integrating e-commerce, marketplaces, retailers, industries, and carriers to provide total visibility of order statuses in a real-time schedule. Based in trustworthy cloud technologies, the platform currently integrates with 2,000+ stores and 350+ carriers, resulting in annual reoccurring revenue of $3M per year.

Q - How does Intelipost help provide a better experience for eCommerce customers?

An end user customer checks the status of their delivery an average of seven times throughout the process. With the Intelipost solution, shippers, such as e-commerce businesses, retailers, and wholesalers, can track all business deliveries and automate the associated order status notifications to keep customers informed throughout the entire shipment journey. Keeping the customer informed helps the Customer Service Line focus on proactive actions in the event of delivery problems and improve the final delivery experience.

Q - Intelipost has also been part of the Oracle Global Startup Program. Can you tell us about that experience?

This opportunity has enabled us to learn a great deal while collaborating with other startups that are developing solutions that will have a real impact on the market. We’re working closely with Oracle’s strategic professionals to develop new ideas that will improve business areas like sales and marketing, as well as expose us to new sales opportunities with Oracle. We’re very proud to be the first Brazilian company to launch on Oracle’s Global Marketplace Platform.

Q - During your time in Oracle’s accelerator, you developed a blockchain solution that tracks an asset throughout the supply chain cycle. Could you provide some details on this solution and discuss why it’s disruptive?

Last year we participated in the Logistics Tech Challenge, an event where 23 different possible uses of blockchain were detected in different spheres of transport and freight. Meaning that several gaps were identified that can be addressed through the use of blockchain.

With our blockchain solution, we were able to deliver a faster integration time than our current solution. Blockchain also helps to simplify the process of auditing and validation and enables a more secure supply chain cycle that is less susceptible to fraud. Finally, by centralizing the transit information, anyone with the access key has full, real-time visibility into a package’s status along the route to its final destination. To better understand how Intelipost is leveraging blockchain, take a look at this video.

Q - What does the next generation of logistics management look like from your perspective?

Thinking forward, the next generation of logistics management is bigger than Intelipost and does not just depend on us. I believe we will have to work together with other companies and shippers to dedicate ourselves to the consolidation of the logistics community by building new technologies (like blockchain) and integrating them into the market in order to positively impact the overall customer experience.

Stefan Rehm is the founder of Intelipost, a leading SaaS freight management platform.  Prior to Intellipost, Rehm worked at Google and IBM before joining the venture capiutal firm Project-A Ventures. Arriving in Brazil in 2012, he participated in the investment of various ecommerce companies where he learned firsthand the difficulty of logistics in Brazil and recognized it as a good entrepreneurial opportunity.

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