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Guest Blogger: Arvindh Balakrishnan, VP Customer Experience Applications at Oracle

Many years back, Oracle started on a journey to provide the best Customer Experience (CX) solutions in the industry. While this vision was extraordinary, the reality amongst our customer base was even more complex.

Since 2003, our customers were beginning to engage with their customers over a variety of channels—mobile, retail, in-person, advertisements—just to name a few. And, more channels were on the horizon—Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Some of our customers had deployed best in class CRM solutions for siloed business processes such as Sales Force Automation or Marketing. Others wanted to simplify their IT architectures by moving to cloud solutions where possible. While some companies had very strong data governance, others barely had a single definition of their customer.

When we surveyed this landscape, we were faced with many complex decisions. 

  • Should we focus on cloud solutions, or should we continue to make investments in the already robust on-premise solutions powering most of the Fortune 1000?
  • Should we focus on commoditizing less impactful business processes, or should we focus on delivering competitive differentiation for our customers?
  • Should we invest in Social solutions, or should we provide best in class Knowledge Management?

After much deliberation, and working with our Customer Advisory Board, we came to the answer to all these questions.

The answer was YES. We had to do all of the above.

The choices ahead of us were numerous, and each customer’s needs were different. There were few patterns we could see. Many wanted to more effectively collect and mine the vast amount of data collected to improve customer insight and personalization. Some companies wanted to simplify their Sales Force Automation capability by moving to the cloud. Others wanted to invest more in their Marketing solutions to drive more demand. While others had developed deep differentiation through rich business processes around customer service, and they wanted to continue investing around their core solutions.

Our strategy was defined that day we decided the answer was yes. Oracle is committed to helping organizations, such as yours, succeed with their Customer Experience initiatives. Oracle CX will connect every interaction your customer has with your brand. And we will do it across all channels—sales, customer service, ecommerce, marketing, social, mobile, web, retail, field service—the list goes on. We will help you to truly know your customers and leverage those insights into delivering more personalized, effective interactions. And we will do it on a technology platform that works for you—cloud based if you like it, on-premise if you prefer that model, or hybrid if you want the best of both worlds. And, we will not make you choose a deployment platform because of our technology strategy. The way we look at it, we should be able to work with your IT strategy, not the other way around. 

Oracle also provides a range of services such as Journey Mapping Workshops that can help you bring cross-functional teams together to build alignment and prioritize opportunities for improvement, create an executive level business case and strategy for transformation, and think through requirements and desired capabilities.

As you visit Dreamforce and look for differentiated solutions to give you that competitive edge, let us know how we can help you complete that transformational Customer Experience journey.

Only Oracle CX can connect every interaction with your customer, and we look forward to showing you how. We invite you to contact Oracle today to discuss your specific needs and to learn how Oracle can help you become a leader in customer experience.

For more information on Oracle customer experience solutions, please visit oracle.com/cx.

We also invite you to stay connected with Oracle and other business leaders who are passionate about improving their end customers’ experiences. Join the Customer Concepts Group on LinkedIn, follow us on Twitter @OracleCX and become a fan on Facebook.


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