Introducing Oracle CRM Gadgets for Google Desktop- Improving Sales Productivity and Sales Accuracy

According to The Alexander Group, a typical sales representative spends only 22% of her or his time selling. So making sales people more productive is very critical to your business. Another solution to increase productivity is Oracle CRM Gadgets.

What are Oracle CRM Gadgets for Google Desktop?

Oracle CRM Gadgets are  mini applications that provide secure access to enterprise application data and services

  • Deliver a productive user experience through a seamless combination of personal information, internet content, phone conversations and enterprise data. With the unique capability of GADGETS_JPG1combining data from an organization’s CRM system and dynamic data from the Internet, Oracle CRM Gadgets for Sales keep the sales teams better informed and manage user data seamlessly.                              
  • Focus on key activities and data needed by sales professionals most often, that gives quick access to critical business information without the need to launch a browser, log into an application, or navigate through multiple screens to access data.
  • Easy to use, no prior programming knowledge necessaGADGETS_JPG2ry. We are providing the source code for all of the Google Desktop Gadgets to enable developers to modify, enhance and build new Gadgets for Google Desktop
  • The Oracle Google Gadget wizard allows users to build their own Gadgets against Siebel Enterprise application both for Desktop and iGoogle.



Availability and Details for Oracle CRM Gadgets For Sales:

This is now available as a free download from Oracle Technology Network (OTN). Click here to download the software and the user documentation file.

  • Based on open industry standards the Oracle CRM Gadgets for Google Desktop support all versions of Oracle’s Siebel CRM (7.7 and above) and Oracle CRM On Demand.
  • Pre-built integration with Oracle Call Center Anywhere Application enables Oracle CRM Gadgets for Sales users to make phone calls via their existing lines and capture the call information directly in the CRM system, providing analysis for sales managers to run their organizations more effectively.

Individual gadgets include:

 My Contacts Gadget: Presents users with simple means of searching and interacting with the contacts in their Siebel CRM or Oracle CRM On Demand application. Users can click-to-email and click-to-call their contacts, as well as search for contacts across multiple Internet bases and social networking sites.

Top Accounts Gadget: Provides a mash-up of key account management data from the Siebel CRM or Oracle CRM On Demand system together with Internet-based content. Up-to-date news concerning the user’s account can be accessed via equity market updates and RSS feeds, keeping a sales person abreast of public information impacting their customers.

Top Deals Gadget: Gives users real-time insight into the status of sales opportunities that are scheduled to close in the current reporting period. Users can easily monitor their deal flow directly from their computer desktop.

Search Gadget: Provides customers with a desktop-based search tool to search the data and content in their Siebel CRM application quickly and easily. Users can search against the entire CRM database or specific sub-collections of data. Available only for Siebel CRM.

Quota Gadget: Supplies real-time information for current quarter sales pipeline, target for the quarter and the quota achieved to date. Available only for Siebel CRM.

Oracle Gadget Wizard: Enables users to build their own Gadgets without any programming knowledge. A series of clicks will generate a new Gadget within a matter of minutes that can be deployed on Google Desktop or iGoogle homepage. Availability only for Siebel CRM

More information on Oracle Gadgets can be found here on  For any questions, suggestions or even just to chat, reach out directly to the person behind Oracle CRM Gadgets- Mandeep Bhullar, Director, Product Management, Oracle CRM-


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